"It shouldn’t be a case of ‘ROBOT SAYS NO’"

Mireille Schaap

Will robots be taking over more of our jobs? Will they be able to make moral decisions? Stefano Puntoni (professor in marketing at Rotterdam School of Management, Jos de Mul (professor of philosophical anthropology at Erasmus School of Philosophy) and Katharina Bauer (assistent professor at Erasmus School of Philosophy) share their vision and explain why we’re ready for change and shouldn’t be fearful.

Stefano Puntoni is a professor in marketing at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), he researchers and teaches on brand management, marketing strategy, consumer behaviour, and the role artificial intelligence (A.I.) has in all of this: "The jobs of the future will certainly look different. Employees of the future will need a different kind of skill set, more than just being able to ‘do something right’, or being able to think logically. They’ll need a different mindset. They’ll need to learn how to deal with change, be flexible, be prepared have to keep on learning." 

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