dr. (Nicole) N Lucassen

dr. (Nicole) N Lucassen
Associate professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Clinical Child and Family Studies
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Nicole Lucassen is an assistant professor at the Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies. Her primary research interest involves the link between parenting in different contexts and child development.

Nicole obtained a Master’s degree in Child and Family Studies (Leiden University: 2002), a Master’s degree in Epidemiology (Erasmus University Medical Center: 2010) and completed her PhD at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Erasmus University Medical Center (2013). In her current work Nicole focuses on intergenerational transmission of parenting, child development within the context of the family system, gender differences in parenting, the interplay between family life and school, and key mechanisms in prevention and intervention programs focused on parenting and child development.

Research interests include: context of parenting, role of the father, grandparents, family system, gender differences, child development, prevention and intervention, observational research, longitudinal studies.

Nicole is the program director for the Masters of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences. She coordinates a Minor course on contemporary families (Gezinnen van nu) and a Master course on upbringing in context (Opvoeders binnen en buiten het gezin). Finally, Nicole is involved in the supervision of internships and theses of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of Child and Family Studies and Family Sociology.

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  • Nicole Lucassen (2015) - History of substance use disorder and family functioning during pregnancy are related to observed parental sensitive parenting
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  • Nicole Lucassen (2011) - Paternal sensitivity, depression and anxiety predict infant-father attachment security

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  • Nicole Lucassen (2018) - Do fathers matter? The role of the father in child development - Seminar
  • Nicole Lucassen (2017) - The role of the father in children’s language and cognitive development: Investigating unique pathways - Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biennial Meeting
  • Nicole Lucassen (2016) - Role of the father - Seminar on research about the role of fathers for children’s socio-emotional development
  • Nicole Lucassen (2015) - The role of the father in child development from a family perspective - Symposium
  • Nicole Lucassen (2015) - Parental psychopathology and parenting in early life and children’s self-regulation - International Convention of Psychological Science
  • Nicole Lucassen (2012) - The importance of sensitive parenting in child development. Evidence from the Generation R Study. - Symposium at the Early Biennial Meeting SIG 5 Learning and Development in Early Childhood
  • Nicole Lucassen (2010) - Fathers in the Generation R Study: Behavioral and cognitive research in a prospective cohort study from fetal life onwards. - EUCCONET Workshop ‘The role of fathers in child cohorts’
  • Nicole Lucassen (2005) - De Glazen Tussenwand - Presentation at the Demografiedag, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Demografie

  • Nicole Lucassen (2018) - Parenting under the microscope - Vereniging Nederlandse Ontwikkelingspsychologie (VNOP) Biennial Meeting
  • Nicole Lucassen (2017) - Vaders en Verlof - Expertmeeting
  • Nicole Lucassen (2016) - Vaders & Onderzoek - Stevige Start Expertmeeting
  • Nicole Lucassen (2016) - Vaderschap en gehechtheid: Vader als “tweede moeder”? - Vaderschapssymposium
  • Nicole Lucassen (2016) - Early caregiving and children’s socio-emotional development - International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD) Biennial Meeting

  • Nicole Lucassen (2009) - Fulbright Grant

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