Inaugural speeches

Inaugural speech Filip Vermeylen

Inaugural speech

The Beadle’s Office (Bureau van de Pedel) is the point of contact for all matters relating to the inaugural ceremony. You can find the Beadle’s Office on the Woudestein complex, in the Erasmus Building (A).

Contact Beadle's Office

Email address
0031 10 408 1006
Room A1-05 (near the Senaatszaal)
Erasmus Building

Visiting address: Woudestein - room A1-05 (near the Senaatszaal)

Route and directions

Visiting times: Monday through Friday between 9.30 hrs and 13.00 hrs (or by appointment).


Venue and date

The date of the inaugural speech is set by the beadle. It usually takes place on Friday at 4pm in the Auditorium at the Woudestein complex. The date must be arranged in consultation with the dean of the faculty.


The university sends an official invitation for the inaugural speech to the professors and emeritus professors of Erasmus University Rotterdam and the governing bodies. A copy of this address list is available from the beadle. You or your department are responsible for sending private invitations and invitations to staff members of your department. You can use the official invitation for this. No later than seven weeks before the date of the inaugural speech, you notify the beadle of the title of your speech and the number of private invitations you wish to send. These are ready to be sent after one week. The costs of making and sending the invitations are at the faculty’s expense.

Inaugural speech booklet

Between 250 and 400 copies of the inaugural speech booklet are made available to the university. An allowance for the printing costs will be part of the faculty allowance scheme, if any. You can find more information about this at the faculty office. 


The gowns of Erasmus University are made by Toga Atelier Schout (tel. 010 2450766) It is advisable to make an appointment with the company as soon as possible. If you are or were a professor at another university, you may wear that gown.

Protocol on the day of the inaugural speech.

You and your partner are received in the Rector’s Room (room A1-20) by the beadle fifteen minutes before the start of the ceremony. This is also where the other participants of the academic procession assemble: professors and members of the university’s governing bodies. Participation in the academic procession by professors from other universities, in gowns, is greatly appreciated. Partners of professors can also participate in the partners’ procession and also assemble at the Rector’s Room. Seats are reserved in the auditorium for family or other invited guests.

Your partner is accompanied to the auditorium from the Rector’s Room, together with the partners of the Rector and the dean of the faculty concerned, followed by the other partners present. You, the Rector and the chair of the Executive Board lead the procession into the auditorium. You take a seat in the left front row, where the other professors also take their seats. After the Rector has briefly introduced you, you go to the stage to give your speech of approximately 45 minutes.

After your speech the procession leaves the auditorium in the same order as on arrival. You and your partner then receive the guests at the entrance of the Senaatzaal. If you would like a guest book you will have to provide this yourself. The reception is held in the hall in front of the auditorium.

Contact with the media

A few weeks before your inaugural speech, a press officer of the university or faculty will contact you to request material for a press release about your speech. The press release is published in the digital newsletter of the EUR a week before the speech and is stored in the digital press room. If you would like the press release to be sent to academic journals or your own press contacts, you can give the addresses to the staff members of the Press Briefing room, tel. (010) 408 1216, e-mail:

Audiovisual aids

If you wish to use audiovisual aids for your speech, you can contact the Room & Facilities Bookings department at Woudestein, no later than fourteen days before the date of the inaugural speech, on tel. (010) 408 1107 or via e-mail:


If you would like to hire a photographer, you can contact Frank van der Panne, T. 06 13 21 37 09, e-mail


In light of the solemn nature of the ceremony, we recommend that you do not take children under the age of 6 to the ceremony.


To organise a reception you can contact caterer Vitam at Woudestein T (010) 408 2415

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