Students' coursework and theses

Students engage with social inequalities across the different EUR faculties.  

This collection gives you access to their work: Essays, research papers, websites, podcasts, and theses that offer us a rich entry into the social problems and challenges in Rotterdam. 


Free Seas and Captive Histories

by Arjîn Elgersma | International Law’s Colonial Imaginaries

Impact of Migration and Development in a Small Area (along side of a street) in Mohakhali

By Mahiat Shawrna | Urban Design

Social-spatial segregation in Bogotá: a self reinforcing and multicausal phenomenon

by Camilo Jáuregui | Urban Sustainability and GIS

The Story Unfolds: White Media and The Understanding of Ethnic Diversity: an exploratory research into Dutch media

Thesis by Nicky Nathaniël Papilaja

"Where there's smoke, there's fire"; a qualitative analysis of young women their perception of safety on public transport in relation to associated infrastructure.

By Floris Gast, Leone Levi , Mathilde Kallesoe, Shakti Jacota, Thor Heuer

STEM Fields: A Female Perspective on the Relationships between Gender and Work

by Shakti Jacotă & Cazper Lourens Gerard Steigstra

Affordable housing; Reality or utopia in 21st century Rotterdam?

By Naomi Rommens | Course: City, economy and society

When they see our hair

Detangling the roots of racial representation through the imagery of Black hair salons | P. Mashigo

Policy learning in the context of wicked policy issues

A case study of civic integration policy in Rotterdam | By  Leonieke van Dordrecht

What can the Rotterdam Slutwalk tell us about activism in the city?

By Vy Truong, Wiebke Aepkers, Anqie Dong | Communicating (in)equality in the city

Connection in a superdiverse city: Reflection on the theory and practice of oral history

Eileen van der Burgh | Rotterdam Stories from the (post)colonial diverse city

Accessing the digital life: Tackling digital inequalities in Rotterdam

A project by students of the Master Honours programme Tackling inequalities

Course Exercise: (Re)mapping Rotterdam

From the course Communicating (in)equality in the city

Ongekend Onrecht: The toeslagenaffaire from the parents' perspective

By Fenna Nijboer, Romy Zhang, Lara de Vleesschouwer, Serena van den Boogerd

Z: Living memories of Rotterdam from a second-generation migrant from Morocco

By Floris Plak | Course: Rotterdam Stories from the (post)colonial diverse city

The sustainable grand challenge of eradicating poverty among young adults in the Netherlands

By Borja Martin Barbera | Course: Sustainability Grand Challenges

"If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we end poverty?"

By Moritz Schreyer | Course: Sustainability Grand Challenges

From Junior to TenEUR: Women’s Obstacles to Equality at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

William Sampaeo Shain & Rose Assous | Qualitative research through interviewing

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