Societal Impact of AI (AiPact)

Augmented humanity and society with artificial intelligence
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Whether it's grocery shopping or dating, managing our work life, or streaming a show on Netflix—artificial intelligence (AI) has changed our daily lives tremendously, both on a personal and professional level. What does this mean, for individual citizens and society as a whole? What can we expect in the future and how can we use the potential of AI while keeping risks to a minimum?

This Erasmus Initiative aims for innovative and interdisciplinary research and education in AI that places people and society centre stage. Together with key stakeholders we set the expectations for implementations of AI benefiting society. Through setting the expectations we seek to engage the public with the rapidly evolving integration of AI in society.

Follow the Erasmus AiPact LinkedIn and the events calendar for the latest updates on AI and society!

We focus on four key domains of our society, tackling cross-cutting hot topics such as urban AI, AI street art, sustainability, equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion.

AICON connects citizens, artists and scientists with artificial intelligence (AI)

Our goal is to make AI understandable and accessible to everyone.


AiPact Spore Fund

We invite scientists to apply for sponsorship of research and networking activities.

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AiPact LinkedIn

Follow the Erasmus AiPact LinkedIn for the latest updates on AI and society!

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The Erasmus Initiative ‘Societal Impact of AI’ (AiPact) is embedded in the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA). We are building structural collaborations with Erasmus MC, TU Delft and the city of Rotterdam, for example, by linking to the initiatives Centre for Bold Cities, Cultuurcampus Rotterdam, Resilient Delta, Healthy Start, and Convergence for Health and Technology.

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