Visible knowledge

In this teaching method you ask students to explain their knowledge about a concept in a table, graph or other image. The results will give an impression of their level of  knowledge and enable you to better target future teaching assignments.

Activity goal
Activate prior knowledge |
Brainstorm |
In class
Offline |
< 30 minutes |
< 60 minutes
Group size

Miro (online) or pen and paper (offline)

Step 1

During your preparations, select one of the eight methods of visualising knowledge from this article from Campbell & Campbell.

Step 2

Introduce the new topic or concept in the session with the students.

Step 3

Introduce the way in which you want students to map out their knowledge.

Step 4

Ask open questions and give students enough time to develop their chart or table.

Step 5

Let students explain their visual and use the information you obtained for your next sessions.

  • Source of this activity is this article from Campbell and Campbell. The various graphs are explained starting from page 13. At a later stage, we will add downloads of the charts from this article to TeachEUR.