Multimodal transport company

Experts from Erasmus Center for Urban, Port and Transport Economics (UPT), together with Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), developed an executive training for a major logistics service provider.

The customer is a logistics company with offices around the world. The company offers transport and related services by land, sea, rail and air. The company places a special emphasis on cost-efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly transport.

Market dynamics turn into value propositions

Due to this training, the customer is able to deepen its understanding of the market dynamics of multimodal transport. This provides a better understanding of how market dynamics translate into value propositions of transport concepts for European shippers.

Knowledge adds value

Do you want to give your employees an up-to-date insight into the market dynamics of your industry? The experts from Erasmus UPT ensure that your team is able to translate this into concrete value propositions for the customer.

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