Interactive masterclass delivers directly applicable knowledge

Senior aviation economics researcher Floris de Haan delivers master classes for Schiphol. Employees at Schiphol Airport receive a tailor-made program that covers all facets of aviation and air transport.

During the first master class, Schiphol employees dealt with the following topics in an interactive program:

  • historical perspective of aviation
  • markets in air transport
  • business models of airlines
  • air freight
  • aviation, society and politics.

Erasmus UPT expert Floris de Haan has many years of experience in the aviation industry. Precisely because of this experience and deep knowledge of the practice, this master class delivers immediate results for participants.

Knowledge and insight made applicable

Floris de Haan: "This first day was very interactive: quizzes, games, assignments and, above all, sharing knowledge. In-depth based on practical examples and experiences in daily work. The discussions were lively and provided insights."

"Participants in the master class can better place parts of their work and explain it in the larger context of what aviation and air freight is. The interaction between all factors in the industry, nationally and internationally, becomes clear and all knowledge is directly applicable," explains Floris. 

"I always found airlines annoying with last minute flight changes, but because of today I understand better where these changes come from," one of the participants says.

The experts

Floris de Haan

As a senior aviation researcher, Floris de Haan focuses on complex issues facing the aviation industry. He advises governments, airlines, airports and other parties active in aviation. His specialisations are focused on: policy issues, network development and process optimisation. Floris de Haan is a teacher at Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), where he teaches the course Air Transport Economics. He also supervises bachelor and master students in their graduation process. Floris is also affiliated with IATA and gives guest lectures at the University of Cranfield.

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