Maritime education map

RMC Education programmes put in a visual map


Today’s maritime capitals are no longer competing on location factors. Main drivers for success are the capacity to adept and the ability to continually adjust to changing dynamics in the environment as well as in the marketplace. 

Key for success is to know how to combine financial capital with human capital of the port ecosystem and unlock value for businesses, talent and professionals. 

Education landscape in one map

Maurice Jansen, senior researcher and business developer at Erasmus UPT created a maritime knowledge, research and education landscape map of Rotterdam. This comprehensive map is a snapshot of a highly dynamic ecosystem and can be exemplary for maritime capitals and port clusters worldwide.

Learning journeys visualised

What makes this infographic so powerful is that it visualises the width and breadth of the education programmes which prepare for port and maritime careers in Rotterdam Maritime Capital. The map illustrates the learning journeys which guide the next generation of port citizens into careers in the port and maritime industry.

Rotterdam knowledge hub

This visualisation shows how education has evolved together with Rotterdam becoming one of the most advanced maritime knowledge hubs in the world. However, it also calls upon business and education to consider what transitions such as decarbonisation of the transport system and digitisation means for these education programmes. 

Reinventing education

Maurice Jansen: “If we want to steer children towards a future of work in the port and maritime industry, we have to reinvent these learning paths following the needs of the labour market as well as the new professions in a circular and zero-emission economy.”

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