Transport and mobility

The world of transport and mobility faces major changes and challenges. Accessibility, sustainability and transport, parking and mobility. These are all themes in which the experts from Erasmus UPT offer scientifically substantiated solutions.

Questions that we investigate and answer:

• How do we keep our cities accessible while at the same time making the necessary transition to sustainable mobility?

• Which effect can a policy on parking have in city centers, at companies and at airports?

• What opportunities are there for city logistics?

• How can we strengthen the aviation sector and make it more sustainable?

• To what extent can companies and governments actually manage the behavior of passengers and transport professionals?

Multidisciplinary and evidence-based solutions

The Erasmus UPT experts provide answers to these and other themes based on fundamental research and practical experience. Working from a multidisciplinary approach, our experts look for the interfaces between mobility, real estate, retail and energy transition. 

Always ensuring to offer insight into complex dilemmas. Erasmus UPT provides managers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders evidence-based solutions that work.

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