Aviation economics

Aviation faces enormous challenges. Worldwide changing regulations, environmental pressure, external security, competition from other sectors and competition on price. This all puts the essential role as a connector of economic centers in passenger transport and in air freight under pressure.

Clarity in economic issues

The experts at Erasmus UPT carry out research into the effects of measures, such as the introduction of an air passenger tax, or the capacity limitations at Schiphol for air freight carriers. Other questions are: how will new aircraft technology affect transport models? And how does consumer behaviour determine the design of networks in the future? Erasmus UPT clarifies the complexity of these kinds of economic issues.

Objective and effective

Through our objective approach and access to fundamental research, we offer a scientifically validated basis on which our clients base decision-making. The combination of practice and theory helps clients achieve an in-depth understanding and knowledge of aviation economics. Making well founded strategic choices clear.

Relevant projects

  • Financial analysis of Seletar Airport (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore)
  • Position paper on international developments in Aviation (Dutch Government)
  • Incremental costing for combination carriers (undisclosed client in US)

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