Ports and logistics

Ports play an important role in logistics

Ports are dynamic platforms in global networks and chains. Every day goods, information, data flows and people cross each other. This complexity demands clarity for companies, organisations and municipalities.

Erasmus UPT conducts research from a broad economic perspective for port and maritime transport. Research ranging from explorations of the future to economic impact to port management to the port – city relationship. 

Insight through research

What will the maritime and port network look like in 10 years? Which task does the port represent and which insights are required for this? What are the spatial economic implications of the port for the city? How should business strategy and business models be adapted to the changing maritime environment around us? 

Making better decisions

These examples of studies provide insights and tools for you as a policy maker, business strategist or port professional to help you make better decisions. Erasmus UPT also carries out research within cities & regions and transport & mobility. 

What can Erasmus UPT do for you?

Economic impact and monitoring

Port - city ecosystems

Port management

Future perspectives


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