Urban management

Cities are becoming more attractive because they facilitate consumption of products and services. In its attractiveness cities face mobility issues. Smart solutions are needed to control mobility and make it sustainable.

These solutions must entail as few economic costs as possible. At the same time they must create opportunities for even better accessibility and an even more attractive environment. Mobility management can make an important contribution here.

Combining insight and concrete performances

The experts at UPT help inner cities to remain vital and attractive and accessible. How? By combining insight into the latest trends and developments in retail, hospitality and delivering smart solutions to complex mobility issues.

Answers for complex issues

For example, mobility emissions continue to increase but have to fall sharply in order to minimise climate change. The desired mobility transition is complex because mobility policy, economic development and area development are so closely intertwined. The experts from Erasmus UPT help you to understand these complex mobility issues and to find solutions and opportunities.

Monitoring and trends analysis

Together with our clients, our urban experts develop policy and management tools that map out the functioning of the city center in terms of economy, quality and accessibility. How can we do this? Because our experts understand mobility from a multidisciplinary perspective. Through scientific research and deep knowledge of practice, they offer evidence-based policy solutions.

What can Erasmus UPT do for you? 

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