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  • (Massimo) M Fattori LLM

    (Massimo) M Fattori LLM

    Massimo Fattori is a PhD Candidate in Urban Security Processes at the ESHCC. He is currently part of the research team working on the European Union funded …
  • (Joao Fernando) JF Ferreira Goncalves

    (Joao Fernando) JF Ferreira Goncalves

  • dr. (Aleid) AG Fokkema

    dr. (Aleid) AG Fokkema

    Aleid Fokkema (MA, PhD) is senior lecturer at the department. She coordinates and teaches two courses in year one and a number of electives in year two and…
  • prof.dr. (Willem) WTM Frijhoff

    prof.dr. (Willem) WTM Frijhoff

  • (Rashid) R Gabdulhakov

    (Rashid) R Gabdulhakov

    Rashid Gabdulhakov is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Media and Communication of Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication.Supervised by Dr…
  • (Didier) DM Goossens MA

    (Didier) DM Goossens MA

    Didier Goossens - born on March 21, 1996 - is a lecturer and doctoral researcher in the Department of Arts and Culture Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He…
  • prof.dr. (Maria) MCR Grever

    prof.dr. (Maria) MCR Grever

    Maria Grever (1953) is professor em. Theory and Methodology of History and founding director of the Center for Historical Culture at Erasmus School of History,…
  • dr. (Iwona) I Gusc

    dr. (Iwona) I Gusc

  • (Uli) U Hahn MSc

    (Uli) U Hahn MSc

  • (Zouhair) Z Hammana MSc

    (Zouhair) Z Hammana MSc

    Zouhair Hammana (1990) is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus Research Centre for Media,Communication and Culture. Under the supervision of prof. dr. Susanne Janssen…