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  • dr. (Izabela) IM Derda

    dr. (Izabela) IM Derda

    Izabela graduated at the Polish National Film School with a Master Degree in Film and TV Producing and received her PhD in Media Studies from SWPS University of…
  • dr. (Alexandre) AM Diallo

    dr. (Alexandre) AM Diallo

  • prof.dr. (Hester) HC Dibbits

    prof.dr. (Hester) HC Dibbits

  • dr. (Maarten) MF van Dijck

    dr. (Maarten) MF van Dijck

    Maarten Van Dijck (1980) is associate professor in history and theory of the social sciences at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His teaching concerns the…
  • (Jia) J Ding

    (Jia) J Ding

  • prof.dr. (Dick) D Douwes

    prof.dr. (Dick) D Douwes

    Dick Douwes is Professor of Global History, at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2006 he is also dean of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and…
  • dr. (Simone) SMR Driessen

    dr. (Simone) SMR Driessen

    Simone Driessen (1987) is a lecturer in the Media and Communication Department of Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a lecturer she is involved in several courses…
  • dr. (Siri) SR Driessen

    dr. (Siri) SR Driessen

    Siri Driessen is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She received her PhD 'Touching War…
  • (Anouk) AS van Drunen

    (Anouk) AS van Drunen

  • dr. (Delia) DD Dumitrica

    dr. (Delia) DD Dumitrica

    Dr. Delia Dumitrica has joined Erasmus University's Department of Media and Communication in 2015 with a research and teaching expertise in Political…

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