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Regular evaluations of our educational programmes by panel of experts (peer review panels) are important in our system of quality assurance. These panels always also include a student. Each EUR programme is subject to an accreditation procedure once every six years. This accreditation is a quality label demonstrating that a programme has received a positive assessment from the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie, NVAO).

Within the EUR, it is customary to organize an interim programme evaluation between two accreditations. This means that a panel is invited to reflect on the progress made with regard to the recommendations that arose from the previous accreditation, as well as on the programme’s innovation and development questions.

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These peer evaluations thus serve a twofold purpose: accountability and improvement. In line with the NVAO framework, each study programme conducts a ‘development dialogue’ (ontwikkelgesprek) with the panel following the visitation in the context of external accreditation. During this development dialogue, future developments and potential improvements are discussed from a future-oriented development perspective. The agenda is drawn up by the study programme. Although the development dialogue is part of the programme review, the outcomes are not part of the accreditation assessment. On this page, we publish the reports of these discussions.

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