Abandoned bicycle clean-up

zwerffietsen opruimactie campus woudestein

On the Woudestein campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, an abandoned bicycle clean-up campaign is regularly held to reduce the number of bicycles and mopeds left behind on the campus. This not only frees up space for active mopeds and cyclists to park, but also helps to avoid unsafe situations and nuisance as a result of mopeds and bikes lying around as much as possible and prevents bicycles from becoming wrecks.

bicylce turned into wreck

Prevent abandoned bicycles from becoming wrecks

The clean-up campaign prevents bicycles from turning into wrecks. That benefits no one. In addition, abandoned bikes and bicycle wrecks on campus can cause nuisance or dangerous situations and occupy unnecessary parking space. The goal of the cleaning up is to identify, remove and reuse abandoned mopeds and bicycles on campus sustainably.

Tagging, removing, donating.

The bicycles and mopeds left behind on campus will be provided with a recognizable tag. This makes it possible to identify the ones without an owner. After approximately four weeks, the tagged bicycles and mopeds are removed and transferred to a temporary storage location. All mopeds and bicycles in the temporary storage, of which the owner has not come forward within a month, will be donated to a good cause. Here they are given a second life and can be reused sustainably.

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