Abandoned bicycle clean-up

Twice each year, a bicycle clean-up is done at campus Woudestein. During this action we remove abandoned bicycles from the campus, to save space in the bicycle sheds and to prevent nuisance from old bicycles lying around. The collected bikes are donated to a social organization that can put them to good use.

Prevent abandoned bicycles from becoming wrecks

The clean-up campaign prevents abandoned bicycles on campus from turning into wrecks that take up parking space and can cause nuisance or dangerous situations. During the clean-up, abandoned bikes on campus are identified, removed and reused sustainably.

Bicycles and Scooters

Find out where to park your bike or scooter and prevent a fine.

Person riding a bicycle on the campus Woudestein near the pond

Warning Label

During the cleanup campaign, Campus Security marks bicycles and mopeds with a warning label if they are left overnight or parked in odd places. Bikes that are still labeled after 28 days go to a temporary storage location. If no owner comes forward within a month, we donate the bikes to a charity that reuses them sustainably.

Second chance

The cleaned up bicycles get a second chance thanks to the bicycle workshop of NouJij! in Rotterdam-Zuid. Here, people with a distance to the labor market can learn a trade and participate in society again. They refurbish the bicycles or convert them into electric bicycles that can be sold or rented out. By reusing bicycles in a sustainable way whilst supporting a social organization, we are making a positive social impact in Rotterdam.

Illustratie NouJij!

Questions about the bicycle clean-up? Ask them via servicedesk@eur.nl or call +31 1040 88880 (select option 4).

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