International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies
Behind the scenes of culture

Career opportunities for Bachelor International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies

Arts and Culture in the field 

In many respects, the Arts and Culture sector can be called dynamic. In this world, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are key concepts. These are characteristics that typify not only artists, they are also increasingly essential for you, as an arts and culture specialist, involved with art and culture behind the scenes.

The way art and culture function in society, plays a central role IBACS. Therefore, in the programme, significant attention is given to social developments, both past and present. Graduates are therefore not only specialists, they are also professionals with a wide, social knowledge.

Challenges for arts and culture specialists

Within the art and culture sector there is a growing need for academically trained experts. People equipped to analyze and explain those complex problems and changes within the art and culture sector. People with a ‘helicopter view’ who can approach those issues from different angles. Particularly now that the government wants cultural institutions to become more responsible for their own success. Cultural entrepreneurship and creative forms of funding are indispensable for artistic production today, as is the question of how to reach larger and more diverse audiences. 

Career Days

During your Bachelor’s programme you will already start to work towards a future in the labour market as a cultural scholar. Every year the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication organizes Career Days, where you can meet graduates and the companies and/or institutions where they are employed now.

Where do most bachelor graduates end up?

Former students of Arts & Culture Studies have found jobs at:

  • cultural institutions, such as museums, theatres and festivals;
  • production companies, such as architectural firms, fashion houses;
  • theatre companies, orchestras and dance groups;
  • intermediaries, such as PR agencies, impresarios and sponsoring agencies;
  • governmental institutions, such as ministries and municipalities;
  • media companies, working for radio, TV, magazines or newspapers.

Arts and Culture Studies Alumni

Possible careers in the creative industries

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You ensure that beautiful performances find their audience.
Joost de Kleine
Alumnus ACW
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IBACS unites people who contribute to the professionalization of the sector as fundraiser, marketer or business manager.
Avril Hensen
Alumnus IBACS and owner Montgó Kunstmanagement
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I would not have been where I am today without my bachelor in Arts and Culture Studies.
Pim Nugteren
Alumnus Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies
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