International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies
Behind the scenes of culture

Continuing master programmes for Bachelor International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies

After three years you will receive your bachelor diploma. After which it is up to which path you want to follow! You can either apply for one of the master programmes, but could also start working in the arts and culture sector.

Arts, Culture & Society 

During your Master Arts, Culture and Society, you will get knowledge and understanding of development, establishment and methods of the international art world in relation to developments in society as a whole. Furthermore, you can contribute to theory and research in the field of policy and organisational issues within the art world. 

Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship 

Creativity and entrepreneurship are leading themes in the cultural sector, as well as in the so-called new economy. The Master's programma Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam revolves around these themes. You will acquire a solid background in cultural economics and research methods. You will learn about the latest theoretical developments in the economics of arts markets, cultural organizations, creative industries, marketing of cultural goods and about culture beyond markets. 

Tourism, Culture and Society

In this programme, Tourism, Culture and Society you will build upon a wide range of disciplines and innovative perspectives on tourism. You will develop your expertise by adopting different ways of looking at problems, finding creative solutions, providing advice and even implementing policy or organizational changes in the tourism industry. While looking at today's challenges, you will always keep in mind, and keep track of, the wider historical or contemporary socio-cultural context.

Research Master in the Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts 

This two-year Master's of Science (Msc) Programme is specifically intended for intellectually talented and academically motivated students who want advanced, research-oriented training in the sociology of culture and in media studies. The programme will prepare you to carry out research leading to a PhD in sociology, arts and culture studies, or in media studies. However, it is also an excellent stepping stone to a career outside the university, such as in applied social scientific research, cultural policy, and consultancy in the media sector or art world.

Other ESHCC Masters: Master Media Studies 

The shift in our everyday experiences to enhanced mediation has had enormous consequences. It has transformed international relations and business opportunities, but also citizenship and democracy, cognition and culture, as well as people’s personal and working lives. Media and Communications has thus become a vital and rewarding field of study that will help you understand contemporary global society and to function successfully within it.

There are multiple Media Masters.