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International Bachelor Communication and Media

Personal guidance within IBCoM

Within IBCoM, we value personal attention and guidance. We believe it is important to provide students with an opportunity to contact our student advisor for advice, guidance and support.

Whether you want to talk about personal circumstances, get advice on how to improve your study skills, or would like to discuss the options available during your studies, you are most welcome to schedule an appointment with our student advisor. You can talk about what is on your mind in an open and secure setting. This can help you organize your thoughts or just get something of your chest. Please note that everything that is discussed remains confidential and will only be disclosed to others with express consent by the student, as we adhere to the code of conduct of the national association of student advisors (LVSA). The student advisor can also refer you to other counsellors or experts, if necessary.


As an IBCoM student you will be required to take an internship at the end of your second year. This internship will enable you to train the practical application of your academic knowledge and skills and to connect your coursework with the professional world.

Work fields

You can take on a specialised internship in a variety of work fields including: public relations, marketing, management, sales, communications, government, public affairs, education, journalism, the art world, and the media and creative industries.

Internship abroad

You can complete your internship in the Netherlands or abroad. In recent years, over 30% of our students took their internships outside of the Netherlands.  There are ample opportunities, which is why our internship coordinator is there to help you find your way.

Examples of internships

Students before you took their internship, for instance, at the following companies (this is a short selection):

Because I now work at such a big company, I get insights in many different fields. I see what they are doing and I get to talk to the people from other fields.
Career wise, the most valuable thing I learnt was to see how an advertising or marketing campaign develops through the different stages.

International exchange

Have you ever thought about living and studying abroad for a semester? Within IBCoM we highly value this opportunity to go on exchange, and encourage all of our students to do so!

Immersing yourself in a new culture, getting to know a different country, studying in a completely different environment, and above all, getting to meet new people from all across the world... Does this sound exciting to you? Exchange is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and take the next step towards being a global citizen.

More than 70 partner universities

IBCoM collaborates with more than 70 universities across the globe. Any courses you take during your exchange are normally counted toward your EUR study programme and you will not be required to pay additional tuition fees.

Living in a different culture helps you develop as a person. It is a unique opportunity, and those do not come often. I’d say go for it!

IBCoM Honours Programme

Are you looking for an additional academic challenge? Do you want to go beyond the IBCoM curriculum and dive into current social issues or ‘hot’ topics from a media and communications perspective? Then the IBCoM Honours Programme is definitely something for you.

The IBCoM Honours Programme (‘the HP’) is an extra-credit course in the second year of the IBCoM programme that runs from September to April. The HP is open—by invitation only—to IBCoM’s most talented and highly motivated students. It aims to give these students access to opportunities and challenges beyond the normal scope of an undergraduate program. Through close contact with the IBCoM faculty and other distinguished professionals and experts, honours students are exposed to the most recent developments in communication and media studies.

Students’ own contribution in the HP’s curriculum further enables them to actively explore new areas of interest. Students have the opportunity to lead classroom sessions, organize fieldtrips and related lectures, advice institutions on communicational matters, and co-organize the final HP symposium.

Students who successfully complete the IBCoM Honours Programme will receive 15 credits and a formal letter of recommendation from the IBCoM Dean. The IBCoM Honours Programme is firmly embedded in the educational vision of IBCoM and the remit of the Erasmus Honours Academy.

Extracurricular activities

IBCoM offers its students an array of extracurricular interests and activities. You can, for example, become an editor of our IBCoMagazine, serve as a mentor to our freshmen, or join our student association, ACE.

You can also represent the IBCoM programme as an ambassador or a member of the Programme Committee or Faculty Council, join our Honours Programme, or gain hands-on experience through a practical honours project at the Rotterdam based PR Company Coopr.

Student Presentations

Nicky’s IBCoM experience

IBCoM student Nicky Papilaja walks you through the programme features, his curriculum, and what you can do after this programme. Have a look at the video or chat with Nicky on Unibuddy.

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