Management of International Social Challenges

Grants & Costs

Of course, we love to receive applications from all over the world! However, we strongly advise you to look into the (expected) costs of living and studying in Rotterdam before you apply for the programme.

Here you can find an overview of the expected costs, ways to prepare for studying abroad and possibilities for financial support. Please read this information carefully so that you can plan ahead and you know what to expect. 

Housing, fees and immigration

Different individuals are used to different lifestyles and standards of living, hence the cost of your residence in the Netherlands will obviously vary depending on what you choose and can afford.

For more information regarding costs of living and financial support please consult the page dedicated to financing your stayHousing-related information will certainly be of great help for your preparation. For details regarding tuition fees please visit the dedicated page and/or contact Erasmus Student Service Center. In case you want to know more about job possibilities or legal regulations please visit the website that provides advice on working in the Netherlands.

Please note that for non-EEA applicants there are also costs associated with visas and/or residence permits and that tuition fees depend on your nationality and/or immigration status. Be sure to upload all documentation that reflects your nationality and/ or immigration status by submitting all the necessary documentation under ‘proof of ID section of application for admission to a degree programme’. This way the university will have enough information in order to determine the tuition fee you will need to pay.  

External scholarships

For some countries, there may be cultural agreements with the Netherlands that include the possibility of financial support. Please contact your Dutch embassy or consulate for more information, or visit the website and search for scholarships. For information regarding further funding possibilities visit  or visit ScholarshipPortal, a central European website that provides information on scholarships for those who study in Europe.

Scholarships at Erasmus University Rotterdam

For the applicants of degree programmes of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam the following funding possibilities are available:

Please keep in mind that more often than not scholarship organisations require an offer of admission in the course of application for a scholarship, which means that you have to be very cautious about your planning. 

  • There is no application fee - for submitting an application for admission. However, tuition fees apply in case you are admitted to the programme. 

  • Have a look at the latest detailed information regarding tuition fees.  

  • Please know that the programme is full-time and consists of mandatory classes and lectures. It is therefore not possible to combine it with a full-time job. It might be possible to have a side job, however, as the programme is academically demanding, it might be challenging.

    In case you want to know more about job possibilities and legal regulations please visit the website providing advice on working in the Netherlands.