Shared scooters and e-bikes

Rotterdam offers an extensive amount of sharing mobility services to sustainably travel around the city. With initiatives such as MoBike, Donkey Republic, Uber JUMP, and Felyx there are plenty of affordable options to travel from A to B.

Sharing mobility services are ideal means to discover the city on a sunny day as an alternative to public transport in a sustainable manner. With pricing ranging from 0,10 to 0,30 per minute, the rates compete with costs for public transport. An interesting alternative, if you want to travel to our university in a sustainable way. There are several possibilities to grab a bike. Donkey Republic offers bikes and e-bikes, Uber JUMP only provides e-bikes and MoBike only provides regular bike rides.

Don’t feel like peddling? No worries, Felyx offers e-scooters that can be rented with their app. Also, there are three different stands around campus where the e-scooters can be found making them easily accessible. 

Explore Rotterdam by bike

Cycle on a Dutch bike path