Charging electric cars: How does it work?

You can charge your electric car in two ways. With a charging card and without a charging card.
There are no special charging cards for our parking garage. When you purchase an electric car, you can apply for a charging card either from the dealer or from your electricity supplier. 

Charging with a card

Follow the steps below to start charging:

  1. Use your charging cable to connect your vehicle to the charging station
  2. Show your charging card to the card reader. The charging station will respond with a tone. This indicates that your card is being validated. It is possible that the LED light flashes yellow for a few seconds.
  3. The transaction starts automatically (the LED indication light turns blue)

Follow the next steps to finish charging:

  1. Show your charging card to the card reader.
  2. The charging session is terminated (the LED indication turns green or switches off).
  3. Disconnect the charging cable from the charging station and your vehicle.

Charging without a card

Autostart models do not require a charging card. If you have such a vehicle, follow the instructions below:

Follow the steps below to start charging:

  1. Connect the charging cable to the vehicle
  2. The charging station to start the transaction.

Follow the next step to end the charging process:

  1. Disconnect the charging cable from the vehicle to end the transaction.

Meaning of the LED ring colours

The colours of the LED rings indicate a certain status. Below is an overview of the colours, their meaning and what you should do.

Report a malfunction or a question?

Email address
010-408 88 00

Do you want to report a malfunction? Please keep the charging station number at hand. You can find this on the instruction sign next to the charging station. 

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