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We offer a broad range of courses. From academic courses that focus on specific topics (from Business Management to International Health Policy) to language courses and lectures. There's always an interesting course for you at Erasmus University Rotterdam!

Overview courses

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  • Digital Innovation

    Respond to change driven by digital disruption by leveraging fundamental digital technologies and turning them into concrete business opportunities.
  • Digital Leadership and Change

    Develop the critical skills and responsibilities needed to adapt team and organisational capabilities to effectively integrate digital transformations.
  • Digital Strategy

    Confidently assess the dynamics of the digital landscape, and formulate a sound strategic response.
  • Diploma Programme in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance

    Become a leader in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance by better understanding the broad world of trade compliance.
  • Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation

    Become a better digital transformation advisor in your organisation by applying new knowledge and skills to your business challenge.
  • Disruptive Business & Marketing Strategy | Executive Program

    Executive Programma Disruptive Business & Marketing Strategy verbreedt je blikveld vanuit Marketing naar de business in de breedte.
  • Duurzaamheidsverslaggeving | Masterclass

    Ben jij voorbereid op de verplichte Accountants-verklaring (assurance) bij duurzaamheidsinformatie? Wél met onze Masterclass Duurzaamheidsverslaggeving!
  • Earth Economics

    This is a course for Earthlings that want to understand how economic policy making can move beyond narrow national interests and how global public goods can be…
  • Econometrics: Methods and Applications

    Do you wish to know how to analyse and solve business and economic questions with data analysis tools? Then this open online Econometrics course is right for you
  • Effective Negotiating Skills

    Gain the essential negotiation knowledge and skills you need to negotiate effectively in business.

Language & Training Centre

Spaans - Language & Training Centre (2017)


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An Academic Writing selfstudy

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Team Leadership

How to realise your team's potential

Succesful people management at RSM

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