Dutch assessment

A language assessment determines your language proficiency. You can use the test results to show your faculty that you meet the language requirements needed for an exchange programme or to apply to a Master’s programme. You can also use the results  to prove your actual language proficiency to your employer.

After taking the assessment, you will receive a level statement that contains information about your current level according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). A distinction is made between the oral and written skills. Currently there is no Dutch assessment planned. If you would like to take one, please contact us via: ltc@eur.nl

You will automatically be enrolled for the written part when registering for the oral part. This assessment will be offered in an online format.

  • This assessment consists of an oral test of 15 minutes and a written test of 1 hour. After processing your results, you will receive a level statement indicating your proficiency according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). A distinction between your oral and written skills will be made.

    If the assessment shows that you do not meet the required level yet, you can use the test results to register for a Dutch language course.

  • For the oral part an appointment needs to be made via the schedule on our website. Registration for the written part is not required (you are automatically registered for that part when you book an appointment for the oral part). An assessment costs € 85,- and is valid for a period of one year. After all, your language proficiency might have improved or deteriorated. You can pay for this assessment via our online payment form. If you are dyslectic extra time to complete the written test can be given.

    To arrange this, you will have to add a copy of your official statement of special needs to you request via ltc@eur.nl