Apprendre une nouvelle langue, c'est découvrir un autre monde

Do you need to learn French for your future career? Are you going to study in France or doing an internship? Or would you simply like to make yourself understood during your next trip?
The Language & Training Centre (LTC) will help you get there! Please take a look at our full range of French for participants with an academic background (hbo/university):

  •      Language courses

    The LTC does not offer French courses, but cooperates with Alliance Française. Please contact them for any information you might need.

    French courses for students

    Course typeLevelsPeriod

    Semester courses

    • 12 weeks
    • 1 evening per week
    • 180 min incl. 15 min. break
    From A1 to B2
    • September
    • January
    • April

    Preparatory course DELF


    • 6 weeks
    • 1 evening per week
    • 180 min incl. 15 min. break



    From April, 12.

    (DELF exams takes place the first week of June 2021)

    Alliance Française Rotterdam is also an official examination center.

    ExamsDéclinaisonsDates des sessions
    DELF / DALFTout public A1 à C2
    • A1 : 01/06/2021 et 06/12/2021
    • A2 : 01/06/2021 et 06/12/2021
    • B1:  02/06/2021 et 07/12/2021
    • B2:  03/06/2021 et 08/12/2021
    • C1:  04/06/2021 et 09/12/2021
    • C2:  07/06/2021 et 10/12/2021

    Tout public

    • 04/02/2021
    • 17/06/2021
    • 18/11/2021

    Adapté pour le Québec (AQ)

    Pour la carte de résident en France
    • Un jeudi par mois

    Toutes déclinaisons

    Tous niveaux
    • Un mardi par mois



    Alliance Française

    As a student or employee of Erasmus University you are able to purchase a one-year licence for the online Rosetta Stone programme with which you can independently learn the French language. Online learning could either be used to start from scratch or to keep your language skills up-to-date. Please note that this requires discipline and persistence. In Rosetta Stone you will find exercises for all language skills, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. Licences can be bought throughout the year. 

    • Be aware that there is no final exam and you won’t receive a certificate.
    • More information about the online course French (and the complete offer of Rosetta Stone) can be found in our factsheet: online language course.