Duitsland - Language & Training Centre (2017)

Eine neue Sprache lernen, bedeutet eine neue Welt zu entdecken.

Do you need to learn German for your future career? Are you going to study or do an internship in Germany? Or would you simply like to make yourself understood during your next trip? The Language & Training Centre (LTC) will help you get there! Please take a look at our full range of German for participants with an academic background (hbo/university):

For its German courses, the Language & Training Centre cooperates with Goethe Institut Rotterdam. The Goethe Institut organises German language & culture courses. For EUR-students the Allgemeinsprachliche Kurse are especially interesting.

Course type**



Summer courses

  • 10 weeks (1x4 lesson units per week)
  • 5 weeks (2 x 4 lesson units per week)

Total of 40 UE* per course

A1.1, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2 and C1.1

May to July

Summer courses (online)

  • 10 weeks (1 x 4 lesson units per week)
  • 5 weeks (2 x 4 lesson units per week)

Total of 40 UE* per course

    A1-C1May to July

    Semester courses

    • 10 weeks (1 x 4 lesson units per week)

    Total of: 40 UE* per course

    A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2

    September & January

    Year courses

    • 28 weeks
    • 1 evening per week 
    • 150 min. incl. 15 min. break

    Total of  75 UE* per course

    C2September to May

    Blended learning courses

    • 5 weeks
    • 4 lesson units at Goethe and 4 lesson units of online Self-study

    Total of: 40 UE* per course

    -September, November, January & March

    Online blended courses

    • 10 weeks
    • 2 Online Live lesson units & 2 self-study lessons units per week

    Total of 40 UE* per course

    • 5 weeks
    • 2 Online Live lessons units & 4 self-study lessons units per week

    Total of 30 UE* per course

     Entire year

      * UE = classes of 45 minutes each
    ** Please note that the LTC is not responsible for any changes in Goethe Institute’s course schedule.

    As a student or employee of Erasmus University you can purchase a one-year licence for the online Rosetta Stone programme with which you can independently learn the German language. Online learning could either be used to start from scratch or to keep your language skills up-to-date. Please note that this requires discipline and persistence. In Rosetta Stone you will find exercises on all language skills, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. Licences can be bought throughout the year. 

    • Be aware that there is no final exam and you won’t receive a certificate.
    • More information about the online course German (and the complete offer of Rosetta Stone) can be found in our factsheet: online language course.

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