Non-Dutch Diploma and the Colloquium Doctum

and the Colloquium Doctum
Lecture Wim Pijbes

The university is reconsidering the Colloquium Doctum.

More will be announced in October at the latest. Keep an eye on this website for more information.

You have a non-Dutch diploma that grants admission to a bachelor programme but you are still required to take a subject test of the Colloquium Doctum. Why?

In the Netherlands, the VWO diploma (pre-university education) qualifies you for Dutch university entrance. However, non-Dutch diplomas of secondary education that qualify for university entrance are not all of the same standard as the Dutch VWO diploma. In some cases, there are additional requirements for entry to a Dutch university.

For some degree programmes, you must have sufficient knowledge of specific subjects, namely Dutch, English and/or Mathematics. If you do not meet these subject requirements, you will not be able to enrol and register as a student even though you meet the general entrance requirements. You must prove that your knowledge of these subjects is sufficient by passing additional entrance tests. These tests are held twice a year (in March and in April) so you can take any test twice. If you do not pass by the second attempt, you cannot enrol and register for this degree programme.

After you have submitted your application for a bachelor programme, the Admissions Office will inform you whether you need take an additional test in Dutch, English or mathematics. If you are required to do so, please follow the instructions of the Colloquium Doctum in order to register (please ignore the text where it states that you have to be 21+ of age as this does not apply to you). Regarding the mathematics test, please visit the page with information about the Mathematics Deficiency exam where you will find detailed information.

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