Non-Dutch Diploma and the Colloquium Doctum

and the Colloquium Doctum
Lecture Wim Pijbes

You have a non-Dutch diploma that grants admission to a bachelor programme but you still need to obtain certificates. Why?

In the Netherlands, the VWO diploma (pre-university education) qualifies you for Dutch university entrance. However, non-Dutch diplomas of secondary education that qualify for university entrance are not all of the same standard as the Dutch VWO diploma. In some cases, there are additional requirements for entry to a Dutch university.

For some programmes  you must have sufficient knowledge of specific subjects, namely Dutch, English and/or Mathematics. If you do not meet these subject requirements, you cannot be admitted and enrolled in the programme. You will therefore prove that you have sufficient subject knowledge by successfully passing these additional test(s).

After you submit your application for an undergraduate programme, the Admissions Office will inform you whether and which additional test(s) you need to take.

The EUR does not take its own tests. You need to obtain the required certificates yourself, for example by taking vwo certificates through the Staatsexamen (you can apply for these until 31 December prior to the academic year in which you want to start).

More information on the Staatsexamen is available here and here.
- Certificates can also be obtained via OMPT, Central Committees for Examinations CCVX and Boswell Beta (Boswell Beta certificates are not accepted by the Medicine programme).


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