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Tinbergen gebouw

For whom?

You can get an individual student representative grant if you’re an EUR Student member of one of the following associations or boards:

  • Programme Committee;
  • Faculty Council;
  • University Council;
  • Gezamenlijke vergadering (Erasmus MC);
  • Board of the Stichting Erasmus Sport.


  • The months and amounts apply only after you have served in the position in question for 12 months.
  • If you hold several positions at the same time, you can receive a maximum of 12 months' student representative grant.
  • Members of the University Council and some Faculty Councils receive an attendance allowance for each meeting attended.
  • You must apply your application before 1 December of the academic year in which you hold the position. 

The amount of the student representative grant

The amount of the student representative grant is a fixed monthly fee. This fee is equal to the basic student grant for Dutch students who are not living with their parents, and for some a supplementary grant.  How many months your grant is, depends on the association or board. The grant is paid out in principle in 2 parts, spread over the year (for university council members, the payment takes place in 9 parts).

Association or board

Number of months

Programme committee

3 months

Faculty Council

3 months

University Council

9 months

Gemeenschappelijke vergadering

3 months

Faculty council with tasks programme committee

5 months

Regulations Financial Support Fund

The information on this webpage is based on the Financial Support Fund. The policy Profileringsfonds provides financial compensation for study delay due to personal circumstances, grants and fee waivers.
The Regulations Financial Support Fund can be found here.

For more information about taxes and the financial support fund, see the Income Tax Act (Wet inkomstenbelasting) article 3.104.


If you are a student member of one of the associations or boards above, you’ll receive information about the application process at the end of September.

Further information

If you have any questions, please feel free to make an appointment with a student counsellor.



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