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For whom?

The university provides grants to students with study delay due to special circumstances during the nominal duration of their study. The special circumstances can be relevant community activities or top sport.

Study delay due to relevant community activities

You can get financial support for up to six months if you conduct a relevant community activity for more than 200 hours per year.

Study delay due to top sport

Under special circumstances you can get financial support for up to six months if you’re an athlete. The athlete must have a status in accordance with the classification of the NOC*NSF. Top athletes are classified with an A status, HP status or B status. You can get the A, B or HP status when you perform international and in a category 1 top sports program.

Period of support

The period in which study delay leads to entitlement to financial support is equal to the nominal duration of the bachelor’s or master’s degree you follow at the EUR. The nominal duration is reduced by the years you were enrolled in another bachelor or master (HBO or WO).

Amount of support

The amount of support is a fixed monthly fee. This fee is equal to the basic student grant for Dutch students who are not living with their parents (for the academic year 2017-2018: €290,68), and for some a supplementary grant. This monthly fee is paid after the end of the nominal study duration.
For students with a basic grant from DUO: the support starts after the last month with basic grant from DUO (instead of the nominal duration). From then on, the monthly support will be equal to the amount of grant in their last month.


Your financial support is expressed in a number of months. You’ll get a fixed fee paid by month. You’ll receive this support only if you’re a student at the EUR. When you graduate, the support ends and the remaining months will not be paid. Also other changes in your situation which may be relevant for your support, you are obliged to report.

Application & procedure

  1. To apply for financial assistance, you have to report the delay and submit an application for financial support. Make an appointment through the website with one of the student counsellors.
  2. A committee assesses your application and decide for how many months of financial support you qualify. The committee must take into consideration the relationship between the circumstances and the educational programming. The decision is open to the usual procedure of objection and appeal.

Regulations Financial Support Fund

The information on this webpage is based on the Financial Support Fund. The policy Profileringsfonds provides financial compensation for study delay due to personal circumstances, grants and fee waivers.
The regulations for financial support can be found here.

For more information about taxes and the financial support fund, see the Income Tax Act (Wet inkomstenbelasting) article 3.104.

Further information

If you have any questions, please feel free to make an appointment with a student counsellor.

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