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Here is how you can request the rent benefit in 10 steps:

- Go to, and click on ‘English’ (on the upper right corner of the website).

- Click on ‘Apply for your DigiD’

- After you have received a letter with an activation code, you’ll need to activate your account

-Activate it. Now you can start your application for rent benefit!

- Go to, and click on ‘Inloggen op Mijn toeslagen’ (on the right side of the website)

- Click on the DigiD button ‘Mijn toeslagen > inloggen’

- Log in with your DigiD username and password

- Click on ‘Huurtoeslag Aanvragen >' (see print screen below)

- Fill in your first rental day (ddmmyyyy, for example 19-08-2019), and answer the following questions:

1: Are you married on this date: Ja (Yes) / Nee (No)

2. Do you live alone on this date Ja (Yes) / Nee (No)

3. Do you want to apply for rent benefit for the address which is known at this moment at the municipality and where you are registered now. In case you registered already at your new address, choose “Ja” (meaning, yes).

4. In case the Belastingdienst has no account number (IBAN) from you, please fill in the IBAN and name bank account holder (the bank account must be in your name).

- Click on ‘Volgende’ (continue)

The screen below will appear. Just click on “Volgende”.

1. Check if the date is correct: (this is the first date of your rental agreement)

2. Do you have a partner: Ja (Yes), Nee (No)

3. Do you have roommates that are under the age of 18: Ja (Yes) Nee (No)

4. Click on “Akkoord” to go to the next Page

Please fill in all the brackets as indicated above.

1. Fill in the year which you use to inform the Belastingdienst about your income.

2. Use the button “Rekenhulp toestingsinkomen” to calculate your income.

3. Fill in the amount you get from the “Rekenhulp toetsingsinkomen”.

1. Check if the start date of your housing contract is the same as the first field “Ingangsdatum”.

2. Fill in the “kale huurprijs” (Basic Rent) per month. See your rental contract for the right amount.

3. Fill in the “servicekosten” (service charges). In case not listed in your contract or when it’s a negative amount, fill in € 0,00. In case of a negative amount, deduct this amount from another service cost item.

4. Unless you live in a trailer park you do not have a “woonwagenstandplaats” so please fill in € 0.

5. Click on “Akkoord” to continue.

1. Check if all data is correct in the overview.

2. Click on “Akkoord” to go to the next screen.

1. Check your name and your BSN number

2. Click on “Ondertekenen en verzenden” to go to the final page.

You can save and print your overview by clicking on “Overzicht opslaan en afdrukken” or click on “Afsluiten” to close the programme.

Congratulations! you have now applied for rent benefit! You will receive mail from the Belastingdienst within a few weeks.

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