Digital Student ID card and Proof of Enrolment

Since June 1, 2020 you will no longer receive a physical student card but you will use a digital student card. This card is valid if you have a completed enrollment at Erasmus University.
The digital student card is a complete replacement of the former plastic card and offers the exact same functionalities. The digital student card also serves as official ID on campus.
Please note: however, you cannot use your digital student card as proof of identity for an exam. You can use your passport, identity card, residence permit or driver's license for this.

You can upload your photo in Osiris student. Log in with your Erna details and upload your photo at personal details.
Please note: Without a photo, the digital student card cannot be created.

If for any reason you still need a plastic card, you can order a card below. The card costs €10,=. The processing of your order can take up to 10 working days. The card will be sent to the correspondence address known to us, i.e. the address you entered in Studielink. If that address is abroad, the card will not be sent by post, but you can pick it up at the ESSC. In that case you will  be notified when the card is ready.
Check your address details in Osiris Student to make sure that EUR has your current address and adjust it in Studielink if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Cards are only issued for the current academic year.  The card cannot be printed if your registration is not completed. Even if there is a completed registration, but no passport photo, the card cannot be printed. So check the status of your registration carefully in Osiris Student before placing your order!

What can you do with your student ID card?

  • Your digital student card is your library card at the university library.
  • If you want to use a study place, you must show your digital student card.
  • You can be asked for your digital student card when you enter lectures.

Proof of enrolment

You will receive a certificate of registration every year After your enrollment has been completed, the status of your enrollment in Studielink changes to "enrolled" and you can download your proof of enrollment in Osiris student. 

You can use proof of registration for organizations (e.g. an insurance company, bank) that request it. You can easily download and print additional proof of deregistration via Osiris student.

Please note: the proof of enrollment always mentions "full-time" for course participants. If you are registered as a part-time student, this will not be stated on your registration certificate. Naturally, your registration is correctly stated in our registration system.

Here is a step-by-step instruction of how you can download the proof of enrolment from Osiris.

  1. Log into Osiris with your ERNA id and password.
  2. Go to the page ‘Personal Details’.
  3. Next to the ‘Degree’ you will see the programme you are following.
  4. Below this, you will see ‘Status registration for degree programme’ in red.
  5. Click on this link.
  6. You will see ‘Status of enrolment’.
  7. Look at the part of ‘Academic year XXXX’.
  8. You will see the status of your registration.
  9. If all is well, you will see the link ‘Declaration of enrolment’.
  10. Click on this link.
  11. A PDF file will be downloaded with your proof of enrolment.

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