During your time as a student, you might feel the need to talk to someone other than friends in your immediate surroundings or you might have medical problems. In Rotterdam there are many places you can turn to for help and assistance.

What situation is applicable to you?

Are you a student of the International Institute of Social Sciences (ISS)? Contact your faculty to find out which healthcare support is available in The Hague.

For medical assistance, the usual practice in the Netherlands is for a patient to have an initial consultation with a general practitioner (Dutch: huisarts), before making an appointment with a specialist in hospital.

We strongly encourage you to register at a GP as soon as possible. Medical help without referral can lead to unforeseen, high costs and waiting times. Check the website of the Erasmus Medical Center to find out which GP you can register at, and learn more about the Dutch referral system.

If you haven’t succeeded in finding a GP and you are in need of medical caretaking, you can refer to one of the Urgent Care Centers (Dutch: Huisartsenposten) in Rotterdam. Do not use the emergency hotline (112) if there is no sign of a life threatening condition. Instead: use the phone number of the care center closest to your location and book an appointment.

Note: Although the GP practice International Health Centre Rotterdam does not allow for registration of students that are insured at AON, students with urgent medical conditions that are not registered at a GP (yet) are welcome for consultation and services regardless. Therefore, IHCR can be contacted as an Urgent Care facility alike the before mentioned ‘Huisartsenposten’.

In case you are dealing with non-urgent symptoms that you would like to talk about with a professional, an online consultation with a registered doctor via hellodoc might answer your needs. To learn more about this service, visit the website and find out what’s in it for you! Remember though, this is a temporary solution and you should always start by registering at a regular GP.

Erasmus University students can register at "Jans Huisartsen” GP practice. This GP practice is located close to our Woudestein campus. The practice is currently open for registrations every last week of the month.

The university psychologists aim to offer support to students who have study issues and psychological, social and/or emotional problems that are hindering their study progress. 

If the university psychologists are unable to offer students the support they need, they will refer them to other support agencies.

Appointments for the following recommended dentists (Dutch: tandarts) should be made in advance; it is usually only possible to pay with cash. 

Tandartsenpraktijk Strevelsweg
Strevelsweg 121
Tel: 010 485 92 06
To make an appointment you can call between 9.00 – 17.30 or do so through the website of Tandartsenpraktijk Strevelsweg.
Mondzorgcentrum Noordereiland
De Ruyterstraat 4-6
Tel: 010 414 12 00
To make an appointment you can call between 10.00 – 17.00
Tandartspraktijk Uys
Terbregtseweg 6
Tel: 010 413 28 93
To make an appointment you can call between 10.00 – 16.00 (Mondays-Thursdays) or 9.00 - 13.00 (Saturday).

Most medications are only available on prescription. You will be given the prescription by your general practitioner and can collect your medication(s) at a pharmacy (Dutch: apotheek).

Chemists (Dutch: drogist) sell medications that do not require a prescription, such as aspirin and cough medicine. There is always a pharmacy open, even in the weekend. Every pharmacy posts a notice in its window showing which pharmacy is open in the evenings and weekends.

Most hospitals can help you at the casualty department (EHBO) without a reference note from a general practitioner. For the majority of other departments you are obliged to obtain a prescription (for example from a general practitioner).

You can get emergency help 24 hours a day. Ask for the EHBO-post (pronounce: a-ha-bae-o). If there is an emergency or a life-threatening situation, you can always call 112, the emergency number. They can assist you with, for example, police, firemen and doctors.

When you go to the hospital, always take your insurance papers with you.

Hospitals in Rotterdam

Central District

Erasmus MC
‘s Gravendijkwal 230
3015 CE Rotterdam
Tel: 010 704 07 04

Havenziekenhuis (also Travel Clinic)
Haringvliet 2
3011 TD Rotterdam
Tel: 010 404 33 00

Central/North District

Sint Franciscus Gasthuis
Kleiweg 500
3045 PM Rotterdam
Tel: 010 461 61 61

East District

Prins Constantijnweg 2
2906 ZC Capelle a/d IJssel
Tel: 010 258 50 00

South District

Maasstad Ziekenhuis
Groene Hilledijk 315
3075 EA Rotterdam
Tel: 010 291 19 11

Ikazia Ziekenhuis
Montessoriweg 1
3083 AN Rotterdam
Tel: 010 297 50 00

Physiotherapy Woudestein is a small-scale private practice on the Woudestein campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The practice offers physiotherapy and manual therapy.

We first analyse your health problems during the intake interview and with this information we draw up your treatment plan. The actual treatment and/or guidance are given in subsequent appointments. We also pay attention to preventive care so as to avoid recurring complaints and if need be we offer aftercare to prevent reversion to former habits.

Treatment is by appointment only.

Whom do we treat?
The practice is open to all, whether you are a member of staff or a student. Anyone who has any association at all with the university can avail themselves of our services. People living in the vicinity are also welcome to use our practice.

The practice is located on Erasmus Plaza and is housed in Hatta building. The practice can be reached via the main entrance.

Opening hours
The practice is open on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8 am to 12.30 pm
and on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2 pm to 6 pm.

The cost of treatment is entirely or partially refunded by the insurance companies. The current fee for physiotherapy is around 28 euro per appointment and for manual therapy the fee is around 39 euro per appointment.
You must check to see whether you are insured for paramedical treatment. Since January 1st 2005 paramedical care comes under supplementary insurance. If you have no supplementary insurance you will have to pay the fee in cash yourself when you come for your appointment.

Referral note
No referral note from a doctor is required. However, in the case of chronic symptoms you will need a referral note.

More information
For more information about the practice go to our website (Dutch).

Physiotherapist and manual therapist Dimitri Motz
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam
Tel. 010-4081874 / 06-54763441
E-mail: vragen@fysiotherapiewoudestein

The Area Health Authority for Rotterdam (GGD) and its surroundings aims at promoting the health of the population. The GGD has a preventive as well as a caring mandate.

Most vaccinations can be obtained at the GGD (for instance vaccinations for people who plan to go to the tropics). Foreigners who come to the Netherlands do not usually have to be vaccinated at the GGD. However, people coming from high-risk areas (in non-western countries) have to do a test for tuberculosis at the GGD in order to get a residence permit. 

Schiedamsedijk 95
3011 EN Rotterdam
(010) 433 99 66 (in Dutch)

You are by law obliged to be properly insured during your time in the Netherlands. Next to it being obliged, you also really don’t want to be surprised by having to pay for an unforeseen issue yourself. 

At the moment, there are several cases of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in the Netherlands. EUR stays on top of the developments and all measures that have been communicated by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

You can read everything here

Together with all other higher education institutions in the Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam has committed to the ‘National Prevention Agreement’ (Nationaal Preventieakkoord) 2018. In this agreement, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport states that excessive and heavy alcohol consumption should become a less natural part of student life in the future.

The EUR has discussions and brainstorming sessions on excessive alcohol consumption with representatives of student organisations. This resulted into several agreements. Students who experience obstacles in their study progress due to personal circumstances can also get psychological and practical help at EUR.

You can read more on MyEUR on what the EUR does to reduce excessive alcohol consumption.

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