About the Student Wellbeing Programme

The EUR Student Wellbeing programme is here to create opportunities for all students to improve personal growth and boost wellbeing during their student life.

Together with EUR Student Support services, we want to ensure that all students have access to what they need to support them along their personal journey at University. We want to change the focus from study success to student success, helping students thrive beyond their academic life. 

Student Support Services for Wellbeing

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What do we do?

We organize events regularly and offer new forms of support, but we are also here to help you find your way in the existing support structure at EUR. We are currently involved with the following projects:

  • Working with the student support services to improve the chain of care at EUR, and find better ways to communicating this to students.
  • Making EUR feel that bit more like home, through the Living Room.
  • Putting up this Student Wellbeing Platform, your go-to online space for everything wellbeing. 
  • Monitoring the state of student wellbeing through the annual Student Wellbeing Monitor.
  • Organizing events and festivals to promote wellbeing on campus.
  • Developing an evidence-based digital support system for mental health literacy and personal development: ROOM app

Thanks to you!

We can do all this thanks to the support of students and staff.  We work using a user-centered approach, meaning that we focus all our effort on student needs, challenges and wishes. So far, students have shared with us how they feel and what they need to be able to enrich their student life, e.g., via the wellbeing monitor, focus groups, or inspiring conversations. 

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