Consultation meeting

Appointments with student psychologists are held online (using MS Teams) and on campus. Please read our instructions in your confirmation e-mail. If you have questions, please contact us at

During a consultation meeting your problems, symptoms, strengths, and needs will be discussed, to decide together if and what type of support is appropriate. Examples are group participation (you can check our current offer here), a short individual trajectory with the student psychologist, or referral to other internal or external support options/services. In case the consultation meeting was not sufficient to discuss your situation, the student psychologist will offer a follow-up meeting, aimed at further clarification and decision making about appropriate support.

Below you can schedule a consultation meeting with one of the student psychologists. There are online and campus options available. If you want to check the appointment availability, please select the ‘appointment type’ first. Please note that the waiting time between online and on campus consultation meetings can vary. In the event of any follow-up meetings, a new choice can be made, in consultation with your student psychologist, between appointments online or on campus.

You can schedule a consultation meeting up to 6 weeks in advance. Are there no options available? Then all the meetings for the upcoming 6 weeks have been booked. Every weekday, new appointment slots become available. If our current waiting time is too long given the severity of your symptoms, please contact your General Practitioner.

We would like to assure you that all the information that you share with the student psychologists is handled confidentially. We do not share your information with others (within or outside the university) without your permission.

Note! These slots are meant for the English-speaking students. To register for a consultation meeting in Dutch, please use the Dutch version of the website.
Note!  Use your student e-mail address for registration. For example:

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