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  • Prof. Frank Weerman

    'A ban on knives will not be effective to stop violence among young people'

    Professor Frank Weerman responds to youth violence on RTV Rijnmond

    In 2017, young people were convicted 280 times for the illegal possession of weapons and in 2019 this number rose to 395 times.

  • Photo of Florin Coman Kund

    From Frontex 2.0 to Frontex 3.0

    Boosting extraterritorial border management operations in Western Balkans and beyond

    Frontex has been at the forefront of the European Union’s policy in the field of external border management.

  • Miniatuurvoorbeeld

    "We must stick to the individual taxation system'

    Prof. Sigrid Hemels in 'Financieele Dagblad' about the fiscal position of women in income tax

    The rules in support of breadwinner families, the so-called "aanrechtsubsidie", stand in the way of the labor participation of women and undermine the principle of financial capacity.