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Language is a valuable asset, so do not forget Frisian

Sigrid Hemels and Wibren van der Burg talk about the role of the Frisian language within (Tax) Law in the Leeuwarder Courant.

Implementing compulsory vaccination seems to be a matter of tradition

Martin Buijsen thinks that a Dutch implementation of compulsory is unlikely because it does not match the national custom of voluntariness.

How do we prevent the next Willem Holleeder or Ridouan Taghi?

Criminologist Robby Roks explains how small-time neighbourhood criminals develop into key figures in organised crime and how this might be prevented.

Green pass in higher education

According to André den Exter, associate professor of Health Law at Erasmus School of Law, a green pass in higher education is not such a bad idea.

The Netherlands Academy for Empirical Legal Studies launches digital platform ‘The Academy’

Professors of Quantitative Empirical Legal Studies en Empirical Legal Studies represent Erasmus School of Law in this initiative.

“Young people go to great lengths for designer clothes and to be able to fit in”

Jeroen van den Broek, criminologist and researcher at Erasmus School of Law, explains the role of branded clothing in society and street culture.

Transparency about medical testing is essential

Health experts like Martin Buijsen, Professor of Health Law at Erasmus School of Law, doubt the one-stop-shop method.

Raising awareness of digital risks is not enough to fight cybercrime. But what is?

Bernold Nieuwesteeg, director of the CLECS of Erasmus School of Law, wrote a paper on combating cybercrime more effectively together with other experts.

Could the Dutch government make Covid-19 vaccinations compulsory?

André den Exter, Associate Professor of Health Law, discusses the legal grounds for and impact of compulsory vaccinations with RTL Z.

Expressing suicides in money: “Everyone counts for one, and nobody for more than one”

In November, Deloitte published a report on the social costs of suicide, but Martin Buijsen expresses serious reservations about this approach.

Webinar Series: The Rule of Law and Private Power

With the support of the Law and Political Economy in Europe Network, Erasmus School of Law organised a Webinar Series.

Erasmus Law Review

Our open access journal with a multidisciplinary and international focus.

Sanders Law Library

is named after our founding father Piet Sanders and holds an extensive collection on law.

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