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Sanders Building in the summer

Bachelor Open Day - Saturday 7 October

Visit our campus and get to know our university.

Two studentes helping during Bachelor Open Day

Shooting incident at Erasmus MC

There has been a shooting in a teaching building of Erasmus MC. A lecturer from our university was killed in the incident.
Erasmus MC

Speech is silver, silence is golden: Non-disclosure agreements still exist in the healthcare world

Associate Professor of Health Law Andre den Exter discusses the healthcare practice of imposing non-disclosure agreements despite it being prohibited.
André den Exter

Dismissed doctor publicly shamed by Inspection

Martin Buijsen, Professor of Health Law at Erasmus School of Law, criticises the publication of medical records in cases of medical professional bans.
Martin Buijsen

EU announces investigation into Chinese subsidies that may disrupt fair competition

According to Associate Professor Pim Jansen, the investigation into the subsidisation of Chinese car manufacturers is part of a broader trend in the EU.
Lots of cars neatly parked in a parking lot

Do Instagram and TikTok reduce youth crime?

Criminologist Weerman sees the rise of social media and increased smartphone use as significant reasons why youth crime has decreased since 2010.
Frank Weerman sitting on a pouffe

How do universities and the criminal justice system regulate hazing?

Joost Nan, Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law at Erasmus School of Law, answers questions about the legal framework surrounding hazing.
Joost Nan

A sunny start of the master programmes in Criminology

The students, teachers, and coordinators of the two Criminology master programmes kicked off the academic year with a successful introduction.
Groepsfoto van alle Criminologiestudenten voor de trappen bij het Polak gebouw

Erasmus University Rotterdam sympathises with victims of Morocco earthquake

Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones, and EUR sympathises with everyone in our community who has been touched by this natural disaster.

Imagine there is a life-saving medicine for you, but ‘the system’ stands in your way

The Netherlands is grappling with a shortage of medicines. Martin Buijsen, Professor of Health Law, explains how the healthcare system contributes to this.
Lege strips waar medicatie in zat

Will the Demand for Critical Raw Materials Transform the Political Economy of the EU?

The NWO has awarded Ioannis Kampourakis a Veni grant for his research on EU regulations concerning critical raw materials for the climate transition.
Ioannis Kampourakis

Symposium: Celebrating the work of Jeanne Gaakeer

This is a day of festivities marking the occasion of Jeanne Gaakeer’s formal shift from Professor to Professor emerita.
Jeanne Gaakeer in toga

Valedictory Lecture A.M.P. (Jeanne) Gaakeer

In the court of practical wisdom: hermeneutics and narrative jurisprudence
Jeanne Gaakeer

Sustaining Access to Justice in Europe: New Avenues for Costs and Funding

Sustaining Access to Justice in Europe: Developments and Views in Costs and Funding 2023
Campus Woudestein

Call for papers: Justice in international investment law in a post-ISDS world

Call for papers for the conference: Justice in international investment law in a post-ISDS world. Is the world without investment arbitration, a world with(out)
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