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Italian mafia laws; a source of inspiration for the Netherlands?

Pieter Verrest, Professor of Criminal Law at Erasmus School of Law, explains what the Netherlands can learn from Italy about organised crime.

Can travellers recover damages from Schiphol for cancelled flights?

According to Kasper Jansen, Professor of European Liability Law at Erasmus School of Law, it is unclear whether Schiphol is going to compensate for the damages.

Researchers call for a range of solutions for a worrisome situation of undocumented elders

Professor of Criminology Richard Staring and two other researchers call for a sustainable solution for undocumented elders in the Netherlands.

Will assassins be punished harder?

Sanne Struijk, Professor of Penal Law at Erasmus School of Law, explains how punishments can become severer and what role society plays in this.

Reinforcement of sustainability profile of Erasmus School of Law: Liesbeth Enneking reappointed as Professor of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Liesbeth Enneking has been reappointed as Professor of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability at Erasmus School of Law.

Ruben Houweling appointed as crown member SER

On Friday 17 June 2022, the Council of Ministers has approved the appointment of Ruben Houweling, Professor of Labour Law at Erasmus School of Law, as new crown member...

Stricter legislation for drug collectors does not yet yield severer punishments

Suspects of collecting drugs from the port are not yet punished harder than before. Joost Nan, Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law, explains why.

Martijn Schippers receives Dissertation Award

Martijn Schippers, Assistant Professor of Customs Law at Erasmus School of Law, received the Dissertation award 2020-2021 on 13 June 2022.

Drug trafficking and threats to criminals in healthcare institutions: it is time to change course

Andre den Exter, Associate Professor of Health Law at Erasmus School of Law, is critical of the ministerial funding of these institutions.

Is it allowed to visit a minister on a tractor?

Joost Nan, Professor of Criminal (Procedural) Law at Erasmus School of Law, explains that intimidation can result in a criminal offence.

Pre Academic Programme 2022

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On the Crossroads of Law and Economics: Experimental Approaches

Bi-annual workshop, co-organized by Erasmus School of Economics and Erasmus School of Law, with the support of ECEFG.

Precision Medicine and Distributive Justice. Wicked Problems for Democratic Deliberation

Metastatic cancer and costly precision medicines generate extremely complex problems of health care justice.


On 22 and 23 September 2022, Erasmus School of Law will host a conference on theoretical and empirical contributions in the field of public and private interest

Erasmus Law Review

Our open access journal with a multidisciplinary and international focus.

Sanders Law Library

It is named after our founding father Piet Sanders and holds an extensive collection on law.

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