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The European Commission, most national research funding bodies and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) consider Open Access publishing a priority. The aim is to make 100% of the publicly funded scientific publications Open Access.

At the Erasmus University, Open Access is the publication standard for short scientific work. Therefore, all EUR-researchers are required to make their publications Open Access, either by publishing in an Open Access journal or by making a version of the work available through the institutional repository Pure. For an overview of the different ways of publishing Open Access as an EUR researcher, please go to Open Access at EUR.

Most research funding organizations require publications resulting from their grants to be published Open Access. Follow the links below to find out more about the Open Access policies of the most relevant research funding organizations in the Netherlands:

If you are financed by a different funding organization, please consult the Sherpa Juliet database to find out about your funders’ Open Access requirements.

Plan S

Plan S is an initiative of cOAlition S, a consortium of funders that wants to accelerate the transition to Open Access. Plan S requires that all publications arising from research that is funded by affiliated research funders are made available Open Access, without embargo.

In the Netherlands, Plan S concerns publications funded by NWO and ZonMw grants under calls published as of 1 January 2021

Three routes to Plan S compliance:

  1. Publication in an Open Access journal or platform registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals and complying with the relevant technical guidance and requirements of Plan S;
  2. Publication in a closed or hybrid subscription journal and immediate (without embargo) deposition of a copy of the publication (the Version of Record or at least the Author Accepted Manuscript) in an Open Access repository registered in the Directory of Open Access Repositories and complying with the relevant technical guidance and requirements of Plan S;
  3. Publication in a journal for which a Transformative VSNU Agreement exists or in a journal that has been accepted by cOAlition S as a Transformative Journal.

NWO requires that publications are made available in Open Access immediately (without embargo). For authors who want to use the green route, cOAlition S has developed the “Rights Retention Strategy”. This strategy ensures that authors retain the right to share their work in Open Access immediately and under an open licence, even in case of restricting policies of publishers. For more information on how to use the Rights Retention Strategy, visit the website on NWO.

More information
For more information contact the Open Access Officer Joy Dijksman via:

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