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Accounting, Auditing and Control
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Are you interested in becoming an accounting and financial expert at a top university? Our MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control offers you a broad foundation in the areas of auditing, control and finance, and the opportunity to tailor the programme to your own interests and career ambitions through our three specialisations:

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Accounting and Control
  • Accounting and Finance

All three master specialisations share the same basic courses, but have different electives drawing from auditing, controlling and finance seminars. Our MSc is therefore an excellent preparation for your future career and ensures that you will be ready to grow into a senior position in international auditing, control, or finance upon graduation. Moreover, our MSc is an excellent preparation for the national and international postmaster programmes to become a Chartered Accountant (CPA, ‘Registeraccountant’) or Certified Controller (‘Registercontroller’).

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We offer you a research-rich learning environment and a challenging educational experience allowing you to benefit from our excellent research reputation, our international contacts, and our strong links with business.

If you want to play a pivotal role in the accounting, auditing, or assurance branch, then our interactive Accounting and Auditing specialisation will get you there. This specialisation is also your path to access the post-graduate programme that enables you to become a Chartered Accountant (CPA), in Dutch: ‘Registeraccountant’ (RA).

Do you want to facilitate optimal business decisions by making sure all data are taken into account properly? The master's specialisation Accounting and Control prepares you in the best possible way for a position as a business controller and offers, depending on the courses you chose during your bachelor's, access to an Executive Master of Finance and Control programme that leads to the qualification of Certified Controller, in Dutch: ‘Register Controller’ (RC).

Do you want to combine your knack for numbers with managerial skills? The master's specialisation Accounting and Finance bridges the gap between auditing and control on the one hand, and corporate governance on the other hand. The combination of financial accounting, management control and finance aspects offer an all-round perspective on financial issues. You will study a wide range of topics in courses and seminars and examine issues from both a practical and analytical point of view.

If you possess the following traits, you are in a good position to apply for the programme:

  • You enjoy analysing (financial) data
  • Your bachelor's has given you a proper background in statistics and financial accounting and reporting.
  • By nature, you are inquisitive, analytical, and critical.
  • Your social and qualitative skills enable you to communicate your results clearly and to work in teams.

Why study Accounting, Auditing and Control in Rotterdam?

At Erasmus School of Economics, you find yourself in a vibrant and multicultural city where all large and midsize auditing firms, as well as multinationals and more locally oriented firms are operating or headquartered, all of them looking for highly qualified and talented people. Add our vast and active network to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you will gain from our master's programme, and you know this is the place to start your international career.

We believe in the power of experience. In fact, we are well-known and appreciated by employers everywhere and this hands-on approach is one of the things that give our accounting specialisations their distinctive character. Moreover, our master's programme distinguishes itself from other universities by offering skills courses on writing, presenting and applying for a job. These skills courses are offered by each of the Big4 companies, which also gives you the possibility to learn more about them and explore future employment opportunities.

We offer an interactive learning environment, small-scale courses, a great student-professor ratio, and a balanced curriculum of theoretical and more practical courses developed in close collaboration with accounting and auditing companies. Our School programme are well-connected to all major accounting and finance companies in Rotterdam, offering you the chance to get a head-start in your career through trainings and internships, and making it easy for our students to find a challenging job after graduation.

Study in our master's programme at Erasmus School of Economics for:

  • An interactive, academic, and practice-oriented curriculum matching the world's needs today and in the future
  • Addressing the questions of our time concerning sustainability and big data from the viewpoint of an accountant and finance expert
  • An internationally oriented programme in a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive environment that offers a network for life
  • The ability to examine issues from a practical and analytical point of view
  • The opportunity to do empirical research and shape some of your curriculum
  • A wide range of career opportunities in the field of financial business economics.
The Accounting and Auditing programme offers high-quality education, in which you will be surrounded by highly motivated and ambitious students.
The specialisation in accounting and auditing is your stepping stone to a great career.
The curriculum naturally combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, which challenges you to go the extra mile.
The specialisation Accounting and Auditing consists of academic, theoretical, practical and social courses. This comprehensive programme provides you many opportunities for your future career.

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