Behavioural Economics
MSc Economics and Business

Why study Master Behavioural Economics

Why do people not always act as rational economic decision makers? How can we apply mathematics and psychology to improve our economic models? Contrary to assumptions in traditional economics, people do not automatically choose the optimal course of action, even if given proper incentives. Intrigued? Our Behavioural Economics programme brings you the skills to optimise strategies and policies by including the framing and context that affect people’s choices.

This skills-based programme addresses the economics and psychology of decision making. In both mainstream and behavioural economics courses you will acquire a deep understanding of economics as well as the skills to adapt strategies and policies to address deviations from rational behaviour.

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    Is this the right choice for you?

    Are you curious about how people make decisions? Do you want to couple rigorous economic thinking with psychological insights? Can you combine analytical thinking with finding creative solutions for real problems? Would you like to help people improve their lives by developing techniques to nudge them towards better choices? In that case Behavioural Economics might be the right specialisation for you.

    Factors that will help you make a success of your study in Behavioural Economics are:

    • A fondness for critically comparing economics models with reality
    • Understanding basic microeconomics and game theory
    • Being good at mathematics and econometrics/statistics
    • A wish to use theoretical insights to guide you in creating practical applications.

    Why study Behavioural Economics in Rotterdam?

    Few universities offer this increasingly popular stream in economics. If Behavioural Economics is your programme of choice, Rotterdam as frontrunner in economics makes perfect sense. Select the track that suits you best, study among ambitious and inquisitive students and benefit from the expertise of the internationally renowned Behavioural Economics Group. 
    The MSc Behavioural Economics programme offers you a solid training in economics, coupled with psychological insights. Our students particularly appreciate the interactive nature of this programme

    Study the Behavioural Economics programme at Erasmus School of Economics for:

    • Mainstream economics courses enriched with psychological insights
    • The skills to design more effective policies, products, and strategies
    • The expertise and network of the internationally renowned Behavioural Economics Group
    • A degree that is in high demand by economic and financial decision makers worldwide.
    The programme has a very good mix of theory and practical applications
    Rashiq Muhaimen
    Student Behavioural Economics
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