After graduation

International Public Management and Public Policy

Opportunities after graduating

After completing this master programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the increasingly international nature of public management and policy.
  • Understand international developments from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Analyse the international policy environment by applying up to date theories and concepts.
  • Gain tools to operate effectively in an international working environment.

The master programme is an academic (scientific) programme. This programme is highly relevant for those who seek employment in the increasingly wide range of jobs that are associated with the internationalisation of public management and policy. This includes jobs at both the international and the national level, such as:

  • International organisations.
  • The EU.
  • Government ministries and agencies.
  • Local authorities.
  • International NGOs.
  • Multinational companies.
  • Consultancy firms.
  • Think tanks.
  • Research institutes. 

International organisations offer many job opportunities for graduates of the master programme International Public Management and Public Policy. 

Graduates obtain a variety of jobs. They become policy officials, policy advisors, consultants, managers in international organisations, lobbyists or project leaders. 

Students who complete the Master’s programme International Public Management and Public Policy (IMP) are invited to join the IMP Alumni Association (IMPAA) and the IMP LinkedIn group.

What our graduates say:

It has been a great opportunity to study in an inspiring and demanding international environment.
The master programme helped me to understand public-private partnerships. The programme enabled me to develop my analytical skills. Thanks to these studies I was able to kick-start my professional career.
The IMP programme was an essential component of my career development, equipping me with the skills needed to succeed in an international public policy environment.
After completing the master programme, I started off my career in public service as a trainee at the Council of State, where I was a project officer and responsible for digital transformation.
IMP has given me the tools to take on this great professional opportunity. 
To this day, I still use knowledge from the European policy, comparative policy or global governance courses (to name a few) in my professional life.

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