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From sports philosophy to sports economics

Experts of Erasmus University Rotterdam conduct a lot of research on sports: from national identity to sports philosophy and from the economic impact of organising a big tournament to diversity and inclusion at those same tournaments. Our scientists are regularly in the news.

A few disappointing matches? Quicky firing football coaches 'makes no sense at all'

Nationality of football players at World Cups is often a matter of discussion. But is it a new phenomenon?

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Studying and elite sports

  • Elite sports and university education

    Erasmus University Rotterdam believes it is important that students are able to participate in elite sports activities.
  • A kind of Mother Teresa

    Interview with sports coordinator Rebekka de Kogel - Kadijk: "I understand that not everything is possible, but how cool is it that a top athlete can also get a
    Rebekka Kadijk

From two-storey car park to state-of-the-art sports complex: Sports Building is up and running

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