EsCHER Working Paper Series

Working papers since 2021
  • 2022014 Kleef et al cover

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022014 (click to download)

    Title: Positive and negative effects of risk equalization and risk sharing in regulated competitive health insurance markets

    Authors: van Kleef RC, Reuser M, Stam PJA, and van de Ven WPMM

    Date: November 2022

  • EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022013 (click to download)

    Title: Health seeking behaviours and private sector delivery of care for non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

    Authors: Brindley C, Wijemunige N, Dieteren C, Bom J, Meessen, and Bonfrer I

    Date: October 2022

  • EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022012 (click to download)

    Title: Economic Theories of Health Inequality Across the Life Course

    Authors: Galama TJ and van Kippersluis H

    Date: September 2022

  • 2022011 Bar et al. cover

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022011 (click to download)

    Title: Estimating the health value added by nursing homes

    Authors: Bär M, Bakx P, Wouterse B, and van Doorslaer E

    Date: September 2022

  • EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022010 (click to download)

    Title: Emergency care reconfiguration in the Netherlands: Conflicting interests and trade-offs from a multidisciplinary perspective

    Authors: van Velzen N, Janssen R, and Varkevisser M

    Date: September 2022

  • Lipman et al. cover

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022009 (click to download)

    Title: Deposit? Yes, please! The effect of different modes of assigning reward- and deposit-based financial incentives on effort

    Authors: Lipman SA, Boderie NW, Been JV, and van Kippersluis H

    Date: August 2022

  • 2022008 Cover Croes et al.

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022008 (click to download)

    Title: Adverse selection and consumer inertia: empirical evidence from the Dutch health insurance market

    Authors: Croes RR, FT Schut, and Varkevisser M

    Date: June 2022

  • 2022007_rellstab_cover

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022007 (click to download)

    Title: The effect of a miscarriage on mental health, labour market, and family outcomes

    Authors: Rellstab S, Bakx P, and Garcia-Gómez P

    Date: March 2022

  • Cover EsCHER Working Paper 2022001

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2022006 (click to download)

    Title: Non-financial incentives and quality of care: effect of a digital patient feedback platform

    Authors: Bonfrer I and Saharan S

    Date: January 2022

  • 2021005 Baillon et al cover

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2021005 (click to download)

    Title: Do time preferences explain low health insurance take-up?

    Authors: Baillon  A, O'Donnell O, Quimbo S, and van Wilgenburg K

    Date: December 2021

  • 2021004 Bom et al title page

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2021004 (click to download)

    Title: Well-being right before and after a permanent nursing home admission

    Authors: Bom J, Bakx P, and Rellstab S

    Date: December 2021

  • 2021003 Roquebert Tenand title page

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2021003 (click to download)

    Title: Informal care at old age at home and in nursing homes: determinants and economic value

    Authors: Roquebert Q and Tenand M

    Date: December 2021

  • 2021002 Tenand et al. titlepage

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2021002 (click to download)

    Title: The impact of co-payments for nursing home care on use, health, and welfare

    Authors: Tenand M, Bakx P, and Wouterse B

    Date: November 2021

  • Title page EsCHER Working Paper by Attema et al. (2021)

    EsCHER Working Paper No. 2021001 (click to download)

    Title: The formation of physician altruism

    Authors: Attema AE, Galizzi MM, Groß M, Hennig-Schmidt H, Karay Y, L'Haridon O, and Wiesen D

    Date: November 2021

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