ERC Consolidator Grants

The ERC Consolidator Grants are granted to scholars who wish to consolidate their independence by establishing a research team and continuing to develop a success career in Europe. Also, scholars who have recently created an independent, excellent research team and want to strengthen this team, are eligible for the Consolidator Grant. Below, you will find an overview of the scholars at Erasmus University Rotterdam who have received this grant.

ERC Consolidator Grant in 2020

Prof. dr. Claartje ter Hoeven

Prof. dr. Claartje ter Hoeven - research into the well-being of digital ghost workers.

The GHOSTWORK project studies the well-being of ghost workers. Ghost workers are mostly invisible workers who carry out online tasks such as cleaning data or classifying images.

This rapidly growing, platform-based work is largely unseen: workers are unable to speak with managers, do not get feedback, and lack labour protections. How do these specific work conditions influence ghost workers’ well-being? To ensure decent work conditions as automation continues to expand, knowledge about the effects of ghost work on well-being is urgently needed.

Previous years

Talent day 2017 - Consolidator Grant

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