University Prizes

Annual awards for our best researchers

Annually, researchers of Erasmus University Rotterdam are eligible for one of the prizes and distinctions of the Executive Board. With these prizes and distinctions, the loyalty and talents of our students and employees are recognized and rewarded. Also, the university offers fellowships to promising young scholars.

Arie Kers

Research Prize

Erasmus University’s Research Prize is awarded to a promising member of EUR’s academic staff who has delivered an outstanding performance in the field of research. This year, the Research Prize was awarded to Dr. Tina van der Vlies for her research that has great social impact. With her history research, Tina provides knowledge to better understand the world, analyze problems and arrive at solutions.

Arie Kers

Education Prize

The Education Prize is awarded yearly to a lecturer who stood out in a positive way. For example because of his/her passionate teaching or his/her innovative teaching methods. This year's award was won by Dr. Ana Uribe Sandoval, lecturer of the Department of Media and Communication at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. In 2020 the prize was awarded to all teachers of the EUR. This in appreciation of the commitment and flexibility they demonstrated during the recent tumultuous months.

Student awards

The Lambers Student Excellence Award was presented this year to no less than two inspiring and ambitious students, Ina Jäntgen (Philosophy and Economics) and Charlie Sewalt (Medicine). With Strategy 2024, Erasmus University made a promise to have a positive impact on society and in doing so we set the goal to be an Eco-positive university. Nicole Hunfeld (Erasmus MC) won the first Sustainability Award for her commitment to the Green Intensive Care project.

Many students write a thesis about the social issues in the city, the Rotterdam Thesis Award was won this year by Jamila Robbeson for her thesis in which she researches what consumer preferences are regarding charging stations. She received the thesis prize from Rotterdam alderman Said Kasmi. Finally, the Student Societal Impact Award was won by Max Wagenaar and Emma Peters from the student initiative Erasmus Verbindt, who strengthen the relationship between the Erasmus University and the city of Rotterdam with a lot of initiative, decisiveness and leadership.

Arie Kers
Alexander Santos Lima
Arie Kers
Arie Kers

EUR Fellowships

The EUR Fellowships serve as an encouragement for talented researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam. With a EUR fellowship, they can continue their research and are stimulated to continue their scientific career. Below is an overview of the scientists who won a EUR Fellowship in 2019:

Erasmus MC Fellowships

Erasmus University Rotterdam annually offers fellowships to young researchers of Erasmus MC, who have obtained their doctorates. The fellowship should enable them to conduct their research. These fellowships continue for a maximum period of two years. Below is an overview of the scientists who won an Erasmus MC Fellowship in 2019:

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