University Prizes

Annual awards for our best researchers
Prize winners Research Prize 2023

Annually, researchers of Erasmus University Rotterdam are eligible for one of the prizes and distinctions of the Executive Board. With these prizes and distinctions, the loyalty and talents of our students and employees are recognized and rewarded. Also, the university offers fellowships to promising young scholars.

Prize winners Research Prize 2023
Alexander Santos Lima

Research Prize

The Research Prize is awarded to a promising researcher who obtained her/his doctorate degree within the last three years, or a research group, at Erasmus University Rotterdam that has performed exceptional research at our university.

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dr. Bonnie French wins the Education Prize at the Opening Academic Year 2023.
Alexander Santos Lima

Education Prize

The Education Prize is awarded to a member of the academic staff or an educational team that has made a positive contribution, through teaching or teaching-related activities, to the education at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Professor van Oort and Abutaleb with prize on stage and Tabak on screen
Alexander Santos Lima

Rotterdam Thesis Award

Together with the municipality of Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam has founded the Rotterdam Thesis Award. With this award, both parties want to stimulate students of the university to actively contribute to the city of Rotterdam. Students are invited to use their expertise, skills, creativity and enthusiasm to think along about societal issues in the city. These student contributions are of great importance to Rotterdam.

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Else-Marie van den Herik & Nyota Kanyemesha
Else-Marie van den Herik & Nyota Kanyemesha
Alexander Santos Lima

Lambers Student Excellence Award

To stimulate student excellence, the Professor H.W. Lambers Student Excellence Award is presented annually to an excellent student who has performed exceptionally well in her or his study career at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    All about the Lambers Student Excellence Award
    Alexander Santos Lima

    Student Societal Impact Award

    The Student Societal Impact Award is presented annually to a student, or group of students, who has or have taken an action and have shown leadership in order to create positive societal impact. The Student Societal Impact Award is created to support our students to become game-changers and embrace societal responsibility.

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      EFR wins Sustainability Award 2023 during Opening Academic Year 2023-2024
      Alexander Santos Lima

      Sustainability Award

      The Sustainability Award is awarded to an existing or new initiative of groups or individuals: students, staff, alumni, student associations or start-ups. The initiative shall be implemented at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). We invite the EUR community to nominate candidates suitable for this award. 

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      EUR Fellowships

      The EUR Fellowships serve as an encouragement for talented researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam. With a EUR fellowship, they can continue their research and are stimulated to continue their scientific career. Below is an overview of the scientists who won a EUR Fellowship in 2019:

      Erasmus MC Fellowships

      Erasmus University Rotterdam annually offers fellowships to young researchers of Erasmus MC, who have obtained their doctorates. The fellowship should enable them to conduct their research. These fellowships continue for a maximum period of two years. Below is an overview of the scientists who won an Erasmus MC Fellowship in 2019:

      Wall of the Future

      Winners of the Research Prize, Education Prize, Lambers Student Excellence Award, Student Societal Impact Award and Sustainability Award will be honoured on the 'Wall of the Future' in Erasmus Building.

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