University Prizes
Annual awards for our best researchers

University Prizes and Fellowships

Annually, researchers of Erasmus University Rotterdam are eligible for one of the prizes and distinctions of the Executive Board. With these prizes and distinctions, the loyalty and talents of our students and employees are recognized and rewarded. Also, the university offers fellowships to promising young scholars.

Research Prize

Erasmus University’s Research Prize is awarded to a promising member of EUR’s academic staff who has delivered an outstanding performance in the field of research. The winner of this year’s research prize is… Dr Carlos Riumallo Herl.

Research prize 2019

Research prize 2019

Dr Carlos Riumallo Herl works as an assistant professor at Erasmus School of Economics’ Department of Applied Economics. His research interests are health economics and the economics of ageing, and more specifically the role of social policies in healthy ageing, financial risk protection and the long-term impact of health interventions on economic outcomes in developing countries. The jury is impressed by the recent award of two prestigious research grants to Dr Riumallo Herl: a LEaDing Fellowship (2018) and the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship (2019). His research has a strong relevance for society – both in the Netherlands and further afield. Another impressive accomplishment on Dr Riumallo Herl’s part is his large network, which includes both academic and non-academic stakeholders – helping to increase the impact of his research both within and beyond academia.

FAME Athena Award

Erasmus University Rotterdam and Female Academics Moving toward Equity (FAME) have launched the annual Athena Award. With this prize, they want to honour staff members and students who are making or have made a substantial contribution to the position of talented women within EUR, thus serving as an example for their colleagues.

In 2018, Lizzy Boonen received this prize.

EUR Fellowships

The EUR Fellowships serve as an encouragement for talented researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam. With a EUR fellowship, they can continue their research and are stimulated to continue their scientific career. Below is an overview of the scientists who won a EUR Fellowship in 2019:

Erasmus MC Fellowships

Erasmus University Rotterdam annually offers fellowships to young researchers of Erasmus MC, who have obtained their doctorates. The fellowship should enable them to conduct their research. These fellowships continue for a maximum period of two years. Below is an overview of the scientists who won a EUR Fellowship in 2019: