University Prizes
Annual awards for our best researchers

University Prizes and Fellowships

Annually, researchers of Erasmus University Rotterdam are eligible for one of the prizes and distinctions of the Executive Board. With these prizes and distinctions, the loyalty and talents of our students and employees are recognized and rewarded. Also, the university offers fellowships to promising young scholars.

Research Prize

Erasmus University’s Research Prize is awarded to a promising member of EUR’s academic staff who has delivered an outstanding performance in the field of research. This year, the Research Prize was awarded to two researchers: Dr Simone Dalm (Erasmus MC) and Dr Julian Schaap (ESHCC).

Dr. Simone Dalm is Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Erasmus MC. "I see cancer research as a difficult puzzle, which I try to solve piece by piece. About winning the Research prize:

"I feel honoured and, of course, very proud to have won the prize. Winning the prize is a great recognition of my work and also a great motivator to continue the work. In addition, I think that a great advantage of winning the prize is the additional attention paid to my research. I hope that this will lead to new collaborations and make students familiar with the subject and the type of research we do within the Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Department of Erasmus MC."

Dr. Julian Schaap is assistant professor of Sociology of Music at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies of Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. About winning the Research prize:

"It is a tremendous honour. I remember very well that in 2008, I walked into the university campus for the first time and had no idea how such a thing worked, a university. From studying to obtaining a PhD and then winning this prize - I never dreamed of that."

Education Prize

The Education Prize is awarded yearly to a lecturer who stood out in a positive way. For example because of his passionate teaching or his innovative teaching methods. The Education Prize 2020 is awarded to all teachers of the EUR. This in appreciation of the commitment and flexibility they demonstrated during the recent tumultuous months. In 2019 the prize was awarded to Prof.dr. Han Smit, professor at the Erasmus School of Economics.

Student awards

Nikki Speklé (left) graduated cumma sum laude from two masters in law and economics, for which she received the Lambers Student Excellence Award. And the Rotterdam Thesis Award went to Mareen Bastiaans (right) for her thesis 'Labor market and health effects of an activation program for the long-term inactive'. Esmee Tanis is the fist winner of the Student Societal Impact Award for her project with major societal impact.

EUR Fellowships

The EUR Fellowships serve as an encouragement for talented researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam. With a EUR fellowship, they can continue their research and are stimulated to continue their scientific career. Below is an overview of the scientists who won a EUR Fellowship in 2019:

Erasmus MC Fellowships

Erasmus University Rotterdam annually offers fellowships to young researchers of Erasmus MC, who have obtained their doctorates. The fellowship should enable them to conduct their research. These fellowships continue for a maximum period of two years. Below is an overview of the scientists who won an Erasmus MC Fellowship in 2019: