Research for health impact in Africa: innovating services and programs

Tanja Houweling

The overall aim of our program is to help improve access to services and programs that can save lives and improve health in Africa. A lot is known about what technically and medically needs to be done to improve population health in Africa. A big problem is how to organise services and programs such that they reach the most in.

Our program consists of concrete on-the-ground research projects that can lead to immediate impact, as well research to generate the broader understanding of the types of interventions and programs that are most likely to reach the most in need and improve population health.

We evaluate concrete interventions, including micro-entrepreneurs to improve access to medicines (Uganda), networks of community health volunteers to improve maternal and child health (Ethiopia), and incentives to stimulate tuberculosis (TB) patients to seek and adhere to treatment (South Africa). In order to draw broader lessons to inform policy making, we compare interventions and programs within and between African countries in terms of the extent to which they are able to reach poor families and improve health outcomes. Finally, we study and foster the translation of evidence into action.

Involved Researchers & Departments

  • Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC
  • Health Care Governance, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management
  • Health Economics, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management
  • International Institute of Social Studies (EUR)

Countries Involved

Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania (among others)


Stichting Erasmus Trustfonds


Tanja A.J. Houweling

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