This quiz was made by students from the Master Public Management after they were given the assignment to give a lecture to their fellow students. They used the existing quiz format of 2to12 to address the subject matter.

In this long-running Dutch television quiz, different teams answer the same questions about the subject matter and they only see each other's results later. Participants know that they can improve their score by answering as many answers as possible from memory. Which means that preparing the subject matter well generates points!

Activity goal
Activate prior knowledge | Assess | Practice skills
In class
Hybrid | Offline | Online
< 60 minutes
Group size
Small | Medium

MS Teams, Zoom

Step 1

As you will need several game leaders in this activity, it is ideal to have it prepared and presented by students. Read the download 'Instructions for game leaders' first so that you can start preparing.

Step 2

Choose the literature that you want this quiz to handle. You will find an example of a quiz with answers in the download section below. After this step, you can let the students do the rest of the preparation. 

Step 3

Think up 12 questions about the subject matter and a 12-letter word that the candidates must guess. Incorporate this in the answer sheet for game leaders. You will find an example and an empty version in the downloads below. 

Step 4

Quiz time. Start the lesson by explaining the quiz and divide the groups into teams, assigning a prepared game leader in each team. Before the meeting, share the 'Instructions for participants' document as part of their preparation so that students know how the quiz works.

Step 5

Start the breakout rooms. The game leaders first check whether there are any questions about how the quiz works. They then start the quiz, which takes 20 + 5 minutes, following the instructions for game leaders. 

Step 6

After 25 minutes, all the students return to the plenary session. Here, all the answers to the questions are first discussed and explained. This can be done by students, with the lecturer in the background. The lecturer adds, corrects where necessary and safeguards the quality. Meanwhile, the game leaders count the team scores. 

Step 7

The winner of 2for12 is only announced after the plenary explanation. During the explanation, the teams have already been able to check which questions they answered right or wrong. 


  • This teaching method was developed by: Franke Schuurmans, Leanne Duiven, Sander Hoepel, Edwar Holvast, Ferry Wennekes and Sofie van der Meer, students of the Master Public Management.
  • The plenary discussion of the answers by – or led by – the lecturer is necessary to be sure that all the subject material is addressed and explained well.
  • Only give the result of the quiz after the explanation to keep students focused on the subject matter.
  • If you play the quiz with 12 letters, it will take around 20 + 5 minutes. 

Consider the tools and materials mentioned here as suggestions. In many cases it’s possible to use alternative tools. Please turn to the Learning & Innovation team of your faculty (EUR or EMC) first to see which online and offline tools are available and how to apply them. 


If you do the quiz offline, you will need plenty of room to divide the group into smaller groups so that they cannot hear each other.


Uses Zoom or Teams to divide students into groups. In Teams, you do that by creating different channels. Go through it with the game leaders online and test screen sharing and document sharing. Be careful not to accidentally share the answer sheet with the participants.


You can divide participants into groups online and offline and let them play this quiz simultaneously. 

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