Bachelor International Business Administration (IBA)

Admission requirements
To be considered for the IBA programme you need a secondary school diploma which gives you access to university-level education in your own country. You must also meet the following additional requirements:

  • you should have taken mathematics at least at calculus level;
  • you should bring a sufficient result for TOEFL or IELTS (English-language test) (if applicable).

For specific requirements per diploma, and for minimum levels and score requirements for mathematics and English, please visit

When to apply?
You need to apply through the Dutch national student registration system ‘Studielink’ between
1 October and 15 January. Failure to meet the deadline means that you cannot participate in the selection process.

Numerus fixus
RSM’s IBA admits a maximum of 575 students each year. You will be included in our ranking of applicants if you have sent in your application before 15 January, meet the formal requirements and uploaded the required documents in our online application system OLAF not later than 31 January. Your place in the ranking will be determined by your grade point average (GPA), your grade for mathematics, your CV and your answers to our questions about your motivation. Applicants with ranking numbers 1-575 will immediately receive a place in the programme. Studielink and RSM will inform you about this on 15 April. Applicants with ranking numbers 576 and higher will be put on a waiting list. If students drop out from the ranking, places will be offered to students on the waiting list, following the ranking order.

Increasing your odds
Important characteristics of the IBA programme are its international dimension and high-performing students. Admission to the IBA programme is therefore based on your academic performance as reflected by your overall grade point average and your motivation for the international character of the programme as reflected in your CV and motivation.

Here’s how we’ll calculate your ranking:

  • Your GPA, as this will be calculated from your school report of the before-last school year, counts for 50%. Points will only be awarded if they are above the minimum requirement per diploma, details of which can be found on the page ‘selection criteria per diploma’ on our website. A low grade for mathematics will put you in the lowest tier of the ranking.
  • Your CV counts for 25% in the ranking, and should give us sufficient insight in your international background and experiences. The more international your CV is, the higher your place will be in the ranking.
  • Your answers to our four motivation questions also count for 25%. Our questions focus on your potential and your eagerness to participate in a multicultural group of students. The more excelling your answers on the questions are, the higher your place will be in the ranking.

The application process consists of two parts: 

PART I: registration for the IBA programme in the Dutch national student registration system Studielink between 1 October and 15 January.

PART II: fill in and submit RSM’s Online Application Form. You will receive a link to this form within 24 hours after successful registration in Studielink. Before 31 January, you must:

  • upload all required documents, including academic transcripts, relevant test results like TOEFL/IELTS, mathematics subjects, valid passport and your CV
  • answer the motivation questions.

All applicants who submitted a complete application in the online application form (OLAF) will receive a rank number via email from Studielink on 15 April. Applicants with rank number 1 to 575 will also receive a second email from Studielink with an offer for the programme. Applicants with rank number 576 and higher will automatically be put on a waiting list. Applicants offered admission to the IBA programme (initially or from the waiting list) will have two weeks to accept or decline the offer in Studielink. For detailed information regarding RSM’s admission requirements and process please visit