Ethical AI: Perspectives on Law, Regulations and Policy

maandag 29 mrt 2021, 13:45 - dinsdag 30 mrt 2021, 15:30
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In this two-day online workshop, legal theories and practices will be assessed for their suitability to cope with the social, economic and ethical challenges of the digital transformation through AI and Big Data. The workshop will consist of keynote lectures by prominent academicians and politicians as prof. Luciano Floridi (Oxford), prof. Ryan Abbott (Surrey), Axel Voss (MEP) and prof. Ina Ebert (MunichRE). The workshop is complemented by a PhD master class and an industry roundtable. 

About the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Digital Governance (DIGOV)

Digital Governance (DIGOV) is the name of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence that has been awarded by the European Commission to Erasmus School of Law, in conjunction with the Centre for Business Law and Practice of the Law School of the University of Leeds (UK) and the Law School of Bar-Ilan University (Israel). Centres of Excellence are awarded to outstanding research groups that have a visible societal impact and do cutting-edge research on an international scale.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, 3D-Printing, the Smart Factory, Autonomous Cars or Chat Bots. These terms are short cuts for the technological and social disruptions with which we are confronted at our workplaces, at home, at school, when we are buying something on the internet or if we take part in elections. The new EU Commission lead by von der Leyen has identified digitalization and digital governance as one of its main priorities for the upcoming years.
DIGOV asks which rules and norms are needed to enable Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to fully support our individual and societal interests. To that aim DIGOV organizes international conferences, a visiting scholar program, policy consultations and builds up an open teaching platform.


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